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We are well into 2013 and many of us have made or are thinking about making the switch to vaping. What was it like for you when you first made the switch and what advice would you give? We asked this question to our Facebook community and received a ton of replies! Many vapers offered their advice to guide new vapers on their journey. Here are some of the replies: Annmarie D.:  "Get a mentor or vaping buddy, plus join the ecig forums and ask, ask, ask!" This is great advice! When I first made the switch, joining a forum really helped with my transition. It wasn't just the support from other vapers, but I learned more about the different types of batteries, cartomizers, and even a little on types of e-liquids. It was a lot of information at first, but it definitely helped. Paul D.: "Be patient and don't give up, and you will find the best combination that works for you." Awesome advice Paul. Making the switch can be hard. When you switch, you may not switch completely, and this is okay. Going from a pack of analogs to 2-3 analogs a day, while you experiment with vaping, is a great step, but don't give up. It took me over a year to find the flavor that I use as a daily vape. Remember, making the switch takes time, but making the complete switch is possible! Larry H.: "Start with V4L cartomizers [then] work your way into complicated stuff later." This is a great point! We offer so many ecig solutions for all levels of vaping. It is best that, for new users, you ease yourself into the world of vaping and start small. Try using batteries and cartomizers first, before you take the step up to mods and tanks. Julie T.: "Just act like you're switching brands!" Julie makes a great point. Making the switch to ecigs does not mean you have to change your entire lifestyle. If you think of it like switching brands, you will still keep the mindset that you're smoking (even though you aren't) and your switch may be a lot easier! Whichever vaping road you choose, know that you have a family of vapers here to support you on your journey. To read all of the replies, "Like" our Facebook page and click here. Be sure to add your advice for new vapers!