What are your resolutions?  New Year's Day is not far down the road which means we all have to start thinking of resolutions. Every year, I tell myself, "I'm going to commit to this, that, and those". It always happens the same way, the first three weeks of January fly by and I find myself living the same lifestyle I was before I "committed" to my resolution. Well, what has changed this year? Vaping. Vaping has given me back my confidence. I am finally able to take back control from something I had put so much power into. This renewed confidence has empowered me to do just that  much more in my life to better myself. I know that I can take on any adversity and come out on top. I was not always this confident. For years (and we have all been through this) family and friends would preach to me the dangers of smoking. I had my parents show me studies and films. Propaganda thrown up on the walls of school. I, of course, carried on but slowly as my symptoms and conditions got worse, I began to listen. Years had gone by, was I too late? I tried time after time to find some alternative and I always went back. I did not want to keep going back to pack after pack but I felt I had no other choice. That feeling of not having control was devastating and it affected other aspects of my life as well. Things that I felt I could not overcome, I would simply abandon. "Why even try?" In frustration, I would turn to smoking, "These haven't let me down!" I hear myself saying. It was like being in a bad relationship and lying to myself that my partner would change! "Why work out? I'm just going to stop eventually." "Why eat right? If it's not food, something else will kill me." Vaping puts choice and control back in the hands of the user and that is what saved me. This year I am energized and excited to uphold my resolutions (for the first time in some years)! I want to prove to myself that I can, and will, overcome any challenge that is thrown in my path! I have my confidence back and I am never looking back. I thank vaping and the Vapor4Life family for the support and for helping me get to where I am. My vaping friends, feel empowered by ecigs! Empower yourself to do more and do not ever think you cannot accomplish what you set your heart on. How has making the switch empowered you? Share your answer with us below and then post this article on your Facebook profile for your friends to see.