Greetings Vapor4Life family and those just stopping by to see what's new. Would I consider myself a video "gamer". No, I do however appreciate a great video game title and will immerse myself in the world for months. I consider a "gamer" someone who has every major release and has several platforms to play on. Someone who dedicates hours to games for the sake of making the claim, "I beat it". That's not who I am. I am extremely picky when it comes to what video games I play. I only trust a small selection of video game studios to provide great content. That is not to say I think most are bad, I just know my niche. I love role-playing games where I can design my character and tailor the experience to my whims. Anyone familiar with the Fallout or The Elder Scrolls franchises knows that is where I make my home. Anyone who is familiar with those games also knows you can easily pour 75-100 hours into one play-through of the game. Which is where cigarettes were really getting in the way of my hobby. Many of us were smokers once so we know that an extended period doing anything required a cigarette. Add some stress to your life and you probably had two. Now imagine this while trying to clock in over 75 hours into a video game. Yes, smoking got in the way. I remember years ago when I was playing a hot new title and got  stuck in a particular area and could not figure out what to do. Now, in real-life, when this happens, it is a lot less frustrating because you can always try something new. Not so much in my digital realm, and I am not one who will call up Google for the answer. I have to do it on my own. Frustration led to going outside to smoke, then coming back, then going back out, and coming back. I probably had six or seven cigarettes within an hour that night because I just could not figure out what I was doing wrong. Needless to say, gaming had a huge effect on my chain-smoking habits. Now it has been over six months since I considered myself a "smoker" and a new game came out last week. Last night I finally had time to play it. I decided that it was going to be a long night and that I was going to use my passthrough and wall adapter because I did not have any batteries charged. Now I had the passthrough out thinking that I would only use it if I needed it. Fifteen minutes into this game, I needed it. I kept having to restart the level because I was not getting the results I wanted. An hour and a half later, I completed the first mission. No cigarette breaks, only vape breaks and boy did I appreciate them. Not only was I not constantly running in and out of the house, I was also much more focused while playing. Anyone ever have an analog and feel like there was an "aura" surrounding them where you could not quite focus on anything. Well, I had none of that and my stress levels were very low so I could just enjoy playing and having fun. Vaping made for a great gaming experience with this new title and I'm looking forward to more action tonight...maybe with a coffee vape to keep me up! Want to join BHam on Xbox Live? Send him an email at [email protected] and let him know what you're into!