A little over a year ago I started this thing called vaping and boy, has it been a journey. I find that my vaping has evolved from a habit replacement to a habit killer. Have I truly gotten to the point where I vape for pleasure and not for need? This thought occurred to me this past weekend. I left my ecig at work for the Labor Day holiday. It hit me once I woke up to reach for my morning puffs. "What the heck?", as I knock over my lamp and alarm clock. Once I realized that I had no vaping options to turn to, something dawned on me. I didn't have the "end-of-the-world" feeling from not having my ecig with me. This was/is a   strange thing for me. For years, if I didn't have a pack on me, I felt manic, constantly looking for something to give me that fix! Saturday was different. The realization hit me and I really just....accepted it. My craving just....wasn't there. The real test would come as the weekend went on. I went through all my usual routines, all without my beloved ecig. Driving. Eating. Swimming. I was even at a family party where everyone smoked, and still, no nicotine and I was still going. I can't say I've never had this feeling (I was a nonsmoker once) but it was weird just not thinking about it. Now I sit here wondering, has vaping become a hobby for me? I always want to try new stuff. New flavors, new batteries, new drip tips even! The novelty of showing off the latest and greatest technology keeps me going back for more. Or is it the connections I have made with other vapers? Do I continue vaping because it reminds me of the social part of smoking? I just need to know where my vaping is taking me! The last question is where I stopped myself and immediately uttered, "Yes". Vaping has evolved into a fabric of my lifestyle. Is it a hobby? Yes, but there is more to it than that now. Vaping is my new form of "break bread" with friends and strangers and just another way for me to sit and talk for hours. Vaping brings us all together and that is what I never let go. Although my cravings have left me and I can go nicotine free, it's the vaping community that keeps me around and always will. How has your vaping evolved?