[Img courtesy of http://bit.ly/1oIsKWP] A lot of students are heading back to school this week. If you're one of the college students who made the switch from smoking to vaping over the summer, congrats! School this year will likely be easier for you just with this one change. When you smoked, your life probably revolved at least a little on your smoking habits. Now that you've traded your smokes for a vaporizer, your daily routine may change. And that's a good thing! Adjusting from a lazy summer to the hectic and busy college life can be stressful. You might feel yourself wanting to start smoking again. Resist the urge! You were able to put down the pack for a much better alternative, so you know you have it in you to stick with vaping. Here are some of the differences between your life as a smoker and life as a vaper.   Supplies As a smoker you needed two things to get through the day - your smokes and a lighter. Now that you're vaping, you need to be prepared with different supplies. Always make sure your e Cig battery is completely charged, and that you have a spare battery, charger, and extra vaping e Liquid. If you're in class all day, you probably won't have time to run back to your dorm during the day to grab your vape. Keep some extra supplies in your backpack so you always have them with you. Shopping Smoking is extremely convenient. You can buy cigarettes at gas stations, grocery stores, and tons of other places so you never need to worry about where to get your next pack or carton. Vaporizers are sold in a lot of the same places as cigarettes, but your selection will be limited. If you're used to buying your e Cigs in a specialty store in your hometown, you will need to prepare and make sure you have enough e Liquid, batteries, and cartomizers or tanks to get through the semester, or at least until you go home again. You don't want to run out of your favorite juice and be forced to buy another flavor that you're not used to, or a gas station disposable that just doesn't satisfy. However, just because you have your favorite setup (hardware and flavor), doesn't mean you can't experiment! Going to school in a place other than your home town gives you new opportunities. You might find a new vape shop with e Liquids and e Cig batteries you've never tried before. It's fun to check out all the options. Vape shops also give you the chance to meet other people that vape - either people who work at the store, or customers who hang out there. Meeting Other Vapers Talking with other people who use e Cigs can be really helpful, especially if vaping is new for you. You can learn from each other and share your vape gear. College campuses are full of clubs and organizations for activities from golf to art to the greek life. Your university might even have a vape club just for the students. Attending vape meets are an excellent opportunity to meet other vapers, learn more about e Cigs, and try new products. If your college or town doesn't already have a vape club you can always start your own! Vaping Etiquette As a smoker, you were forced to smoke in designated areas. You got used to that. Even though you might have smoked at home or in your car, when you were in public, you had to follow the law. When e Cigs were first introduced, you could vape practically anywhere. Now as they're becoming more popular, many governments, businesses and colleges have banned vaporizers everywhere tobacco cigarettes are banned. Find out the specific rules about vaping on your campus and follow them. If you're not allowed to vape in the classroom, then don't. Even in places where vaping is allowed, you should still be respectful. We need to portray vaping in the best light and maintain a good image. It's better to be considerate of other people around us and ask first if they mind that we vape. You may find yourself vaping outside where the smokers are. They might even be interested in your e Cig and want to learn about vaping. We want to hear from college student vapers. Are there special e Cig policies at your school? Tell us about vaping on your campus in the comment section below.