A couple weeks ago, a few of us from the Vapor4Life team went to a local event in the city of Chicago called the "Taste of Lincoln Avenue" in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood. This festival is huge and has been around for over 20 years so this was a big step for our three-year old company. It was a two-day event and both days were memorable. The first day was hectic. Hectic in a good way. We had people come up to us from the start, even vendors! Everyone was so intrigued by the electronic cigarettes that we were easily the busiest tent for the first couple hours. It was funny too because none of us had downtime. We would be balancing four to ten people at a time between the few of us running the tent. I was shocked by just how many people did not know and did know about ecigs at the event. When we had people come and try, they were always shy. To make them feel more confident, I would tell them:  "Yeah, I know. Putting a bunch of metal and plastic together and inhalin' is a little weird, right?"

Getting people to laugh helped a lot. Once we got someone to try something, that was game over. Everyone loved it! My favorite part of that experience was just seeing their faces light up as if something clicked. Like they could see themselves actually switching over and using ecigs. I'm glad at V4L we can give them that feeling. As Saturday went on we kept getting more and more people come through. We decided at one point just to mingle in the crowd a bit. We saw some great live bands like Anberlin, The Super Happy Fun Club,  Chris Buehrle and one phenomenal jazz ensemble. Went to try food from a ton of vendors. The list of great food items includes: funnel cakes, corn dogs, Thai and chinese cuisines, burgers, brats, fudge, Honest Tea, Jamba Juice, and a ton of other goodies. I definitely recommend anyone who appreciates Chicago food to head over to this festival. Sunday was a little slower, only because we had some chance of rain. Luckily the rain decided to let us have our fun and the storm we were supposed to get passed us by completely. Sunday was a lot smoother. We felt "experienced" enough to take on all challenges that day. Smokers must not come out on Sundays because we didn't see the waves of people lined up to see our show. It was still a ton of fun. We were even able to experience the festival as patrons for a while as some of us took some relaxing breaks to enjoy the evening. Overall the event was a huge success. So the next time you're in Chicago in the summertime, be sure to come down to the Taste of Lincoln Avenue and stop by the V4L tent for some  real  Chicago fun.