I was lucky enough to get tickets to the Chicago Cubs game this week and as a die-hard fan, I was beyond excited. I went with a buddy from work and what could be better? We got to Wrigley Field, sat back and enjoyed the nice 70 degree weather as the sun went down. After ordering our first round of beers, we kicked back and watched as the game got started. Feeling so relaxed, I decided to pull out my vape. Now, I don't know about you, but baseball, booze, and my vape is the best way to relax after work. It was the top of the third inning and I was puffing away. A Cubs attendant comes over to me and tells me, "Sir, you'll have to put that away." And even before I could get a word in, "Sir, I know what that is, the Chicago Cubs do not allow the use of ecigs in the ballpark, my apologies." He then kindly asked me to walk to the designated smoking area, that is conveniently located outside of the stadium and away from the action. Great. I put my vape away but I was pissed! I've been to Wrigley before and I've had a vape and no one said a word to me! Why the change now? It wasn't until I got home that I started to look into this more. I also found out that Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins also implemented a similar ban on ecigs. Here's a quote from one of the "higher-ups" in the Twins organization: "We want to make it crystal clear that Target Field is a non-smoking venue of any kind." Is this a joke?! I called my buddy up who's a Twins fan and a vaper and he had the same reaction. Before I was asked to stop vaping at Wrigley, I asked fellow Cubs fans around me if they minded if I vaped. I gave them a little background and demonstrated how it's not smoke, it's vapor, and how there was no odor. Not a single soul complained. So what is it that I'm not getting? Is it that these baseball organizations don't want to take the time to explain ecigs to patrons? Those tickets were a few hundred bucks and I think I should have the right to vape as a paying customer, especially when ecigs do not fall under any smoking bans! I wasn't being obnoxious and to my knowledge, no one was complaining or bothered by the vapor. I think this is a cop-out for these teams. God forbid some nutjob sues one of these teams because the "vapor got to him". I think that Major League Baseball and it's teams need to seriously rethink their strategy before you start to see even more empty seats at baseball games. But mind you, this is the same league that allowed chewing tobacco on the field up until 2012. What a joke. I've heard of the cigarette and cigar nazis trying to stop smoking, but water vapor nazis? What a bunch of idiots. What are your thoughts on these ridiculous vaping bans?