cartridges-cartomizers-and-tanks Vaping Cartridges, Cartomizers, and Tanks: What Are the Fundamental Differences? For many people who vape, one of the big draws is the use of e liquid, which gets turned into vapor. E liquids come in more than 7,700 different flavors sold by at least 466 brands, with around 250 new flavors introduced on the market each month, according to the New York Times. The vaping flavors are then placed into the part of the electronic cigarette or vape pen that holds this liquid. Not all e cigs for sale are the same, therefore they don't all hold e liquid in the same way either. These devices may require vaping cartridges, cartomizers, or tanks depending upon how they work. So what are the differences among these core parts of rechargeable electronic cigarettes and other vaping supplies? Here's what you need to know about each one. Vaping Cartridges Cartridges are primarily used in e cigarettes, especially certain types of disposable e cigs. Some vaping cartridges are blank, so they can be refilled with e liquid by the owner; others are pre-filled, so swapping them out is a breeze. The e liquid in cartridges is then heated by a separate element, known as an atomizer. One unique, patent-pending vaping cartridge, made by Vapor4Life is called the Smileomizer . It provides the perfect combination of throat hit and flavor for smokers switching to vaping. Cartomizers In order to store and heat the e liquid all at once, many e cig manufacturers have created the cartomizer. A combination cartridge and atomizer, this component heats the e liquid in addition to storing it. Some who vape prefer these parts instead because it may help heat e liquid more evenly. They require about the same level of care as cartridges, which means they need cleaning and eventual replacement. Vapor4Life offers prefilled eCig cartomizers in over 100 different flavors and 7 different nicotine strengths. Tanks Although they are more common in vaporizers than in more traditional looking e cigarettes, tanks are another way to store e liquid. Tanks are generally higher in capacity, as their name would imply, and many versions are clear, which allows the user to monitor the amount of e liquid they have left. Vapor4Life’s eCig tanks have a unique style that combines cartomizer and tank technologies. All of the above e cig parts allow users to switch between vaping flavors, which former smokers tend to do more often than vapers who are currently still smoking. If you are someone who likes to experiment with e liquid varieties, then knowing about the type of cartridge you have is crucial in using and caring for your e cig. Need to know more about tanks, cartridges, or cartomizers? Leave a comment with us.