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Imagine you are not a vaper, and haven't the slightest idea what an ecig is. You are on a plane. You see puffs of smoke several rows away. Is someone smoking on this plane? Surely no one would do that these days. But what could it be? What is burning? You begin to worry. You look around, but don't see any flight attendants to notify. You don't know what to do, so you alert the people around you. They get upset, and before you know it everyone on the plane is talking, shouting, getting up in their seats and wondering what is the matter. Babies are crying and cannot be calmed down. The entire plane is in a state of panic. Meanwhile, the person using this strange contraption has no idea that their innocent behavior was the cause of all this ruckus. After all, it's not smoke, it's only water vapor. Their ecig smells nothing like cigarette smoke. In fact, there is hardly any odor at all. They were doing nothing that would cause anyone to worry. And yet, the entire plane is now crazed. This scenario shows how easy it is for someone to mistake an ecig for a traditional analog cigarette. While in the air several miles from land, you cannot do anything. You are trapped in a plane with your life in the hands of the pilot. Now looking at this from another point of view, it is easy to see why some airlines would be against the use of ecigs on their planes. As this industry is growing, we must be patient as the rest of society learns about our life-altering e-cigarettes. I think that as vapers, it is our responsibility to try to educate anyone we can. We must follow all laws and rules to help gain respect from the population at large. While flying, it is not a good time to enlighten people about ecigs (particularly those who seem opposed to them at first) by using them. That being said, I sincerely hope that we get to the point to where we can use ecigs everywhere, including commercial flights! Check out these other blog posts about vaping on planes: Lighting Up In Airport Smoking Lounges   The Flying Vape