Remember when vaping was a hobby for me? Well when you have to prove that you are yourself, man do you need a vape break! Strange way to start, I know, but this is BHam writing, right? Let me explain, but first off, hello to all, for those who are unfamiliar with me, I am BHam, Facebook personality, and occasional V4L blogger. These past few days have not been as stress-free as one could hope for. When I tell this story to people, no one believes me but to keep the suspense going, but imagine that a couple of really unfortunate events that all play a hand in one giant event that had me going wild! Still not making sense? Keep reading, I promise it will be amazing! Last week I was  running a little late for work and may or may not have rolled through a stop sign. In my version I stopped but this cop was not having it,   gave me a ticket and took my I.D. I thought to myself, "Man I wish I had that OMG VV with me", not to vape, but to show it off! With something so unique, maybe he'd forget all about that stop sign. Sadly, this was not my luck but I laughed it off and continued business as usual. Now for anyone who's ever not had their I.D. for anything, knows how difficult it is to do everyday things without it. Buying gas and groceries. Signing up for a gym. Applying for a position at NASA. All of these things require an I.D.! But, like before, I'd laugh it off and say, "Oh, not too much more of this", reminding myself I was to pay the ticket in a couple of days. Now, somewhere in that "couple days" my credit card was stolen. Don't feel bad because in actuality, it wasn't. In fact, it was in my wallet. In fact, it's in my wallet right now. Scratching your head? I was too. Right before Vapor4Life was heading down to Oktoberfest I had stopped to buy gas before the trip into the city. With no I.D. I chose the "Pay at Pump" option and saw the message Please see cashier. "Okay.." I thought to myself as I walked inside. As the cashier swipes my card she reads back the message: "Your card has been stolen sir." Luckily, my card has a picture of me on it and I quickly reply "Ma'am, you see that's me on the card, I don't know why it would say that". Clearly this was a red flag for me so I call my bank. Cruel joke or not, someone had reported my card stolen and I was stuck in a strange place. "Stolen" card (sitting in my wallet), no I.D.. I ask the bank associate on the phone my options, every answer requiring an I.D. I tried explaining my situation. "No, I didn't call my card in stolen, I have it." "Yup, no I.D., need to pay the ticket first...with no access to my account." The associate tells me there is nothing she can do. Except order another card which would take 7-10 business days. If anyone at this point feels my frustration, I thank you. Who has 7-10 business days to wait for a card they don't need? Finally I asked "Well can I just close the account and access my funds?" and she replies "Yes". So immediately I think, at least it is something. Then she interjects, "Sir, actually, you won't be able to get your funds that way. You still need your I.D." Long story short, I felt like I was at an ultimate loss. Anyone who's experienced anything like this can understand. My luck right? It had been awhile since my stress level had risen to such great heights and that voice came in the back of my head whispering, "I need a cigarette". But that's when I grabbed my ecig and vaped for about an hour straight, but almost immediately I felt at home. It was calming and soothing and I let go all the stress I was having. My ecig has fully replaced the habit and I don't know what I would have done if I could not vape at that exact moment. Everything was eventually resolved, but I know without my ecig things would have been a lot harder for me. What's a time where you've had an emergency and needed your vape?