Running through his backyard was my forest playground. Towering trees with luscious fruits, ripe and plump, surrounded me. Vegetable patches were my hiding places with the brush growing taller than I could see. "Brandon!", my grandfather calls out in search of me. I giggle softly next to the eggplants. I am behind a row of trees watching my grandfather as he circles the pool and walks into my forestry domain. He spots me almost instantaneously, his height, clearly an advantage that I hadn't thought of. "Come over here champ," he says with a loving grin and takes me up over his shoulders, "You want to grab some fresh plums?" I never knew the names of the fruits. I knew he grew a lot them, from figs, to peaches, apples, and pears, but to me they were all large sweet fruits, just with different colors. "Grandpa, what's a plum?", the innocence in my voice, a reflection of my youth. "Well Sonny," Sonny was the name he called me to show affection, "why don't you grab one and try it for yourself?" Atop his shoulders, we walk over to the plum tree. Being up so high I feel as if I am giant walking through my kingdom. As we walk closer to the tree, I see it in all of it's grandeur. The top of the tree is filled with ripened plums, so many that my innocence leads me to believe that it could feed hundreds of people. They all are round, bigger than my fist, a deep purple and have a white coating on them. This perplexes me. "Grandpa, what's that stuff on it? I don't know if I want to eat it.", the hesitation is heard in my voice. "That's the plum telling you it's nice and ready." Smiling, he reaches and plucks one right off the tree. He wipes it on his shirt and takes a bite. "See?" he asks as the juices are flowing from the sides of his mouth. I take the plum from his hand and take my first bite. Electricity is flowing on my taste buds. The tartness has me question at first but the sweetness is too much for me to resist and I go back for more. The juices cover my hands and I want more of it. The flavor is unlike any other I have experienced. My grandfather is in shock because he says "You know you've eaten these before...well sort of". He is referring to prunes. Those evil "treats" he would leave for me after breakfast. Soon, the plum is devoured. I remember this vividly and when I go to visit him, we always take a walk back to that same tree and my childhood joy returns to my very first bite. Mouthwatering sweetness that I will never say "no" to. Whether your first was as a kid or in your later years, Vapor4Life's Plum Crazy is sure to send you on a trip that you won't soon forget. If you enjoyed reading, share this article with your friends on Facebook!