Greetings fellow vapers and Vapor4Lifers! A few months ago Joe from the fulfillment staff shared his favorite juice flavors, and his own special blend "White Boy". Today I'm going to tell you about my favorite vaping recipes flavors. Cinnamon Cereal Flavors:  WOW Waffle and WOW Cinnamon Roll For my crunchy, cinnamon-loving cereal fans, this mix is for you! Actually, I am not a huge cereal fun but this mix is just too good to pass up. Start by mixing 75% Waffle with 25% Cinnamon Roll and swirl it around for 10 minutes. Once you put the mix in your preferred setup, vape away! This is a fan favorite in the Smokeless Lounge too! Blueberry Waffle Flavors:  Premium Blueberry and WOW Waffle Okay so another Waffle mix right?! Well Waffle is a great base for mixing flavors and this one is another great one! You can really interchange the "Blueberry" with your fruit of choice but Blueberry just happens to be one my favorites. This mix is 25-30% Waffle and 70-75% Blueberry. Once it's mixed and you vape it for a little, the Waffle taste might be the overpowering flavor to start but once they blend you'll never want another breakfast flavor. Fiery Apple Flavors:  WOW Cinnablaze and WOW Apple This is a new take on Caramel Apple with a little "kick". The Cinnablaze is very powerful and strong so this mix is 20% Cinnablaze and 80% Apple. If the Cinnablaze is too strong put a little more Apple in but I promise, you won't be disappointed. Coffee Tobacco Flavors:  WOW Coffee and WOW Traditional Tobacco This isn't the most creative mix, I know, but it is good enough that it is worth noting. A customer from the Smokeless Lounge had me try this one and I was weary at first, especially since I don't vape many tobaccos any more. I have to say, for anyone looking to jump-start their morning, mix these up and try this very bold mix. This mix can be used with any tobacco but I generally mix them with 40-50% Tobacco and 50-60% Coffee. These are just a few mixes I have had the pleasure of vaping.  Do you have a favorite mix that you think we should try? Tell us what it is in the comment section below.