Thermometer Sun Sky 40 Degrees Celsius. Hot summer day. High Summer temperatures in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit."

During summertime, those sweaty, sticky temperatures can be a vaper’s worst enemy. As vapers we’re always cautioned to keep our 18650 batteries out of extreme heat, but what do you do when the temperature outside escalates above 80 degrees and the humidity ramps up? High temperatures can also have an adverse effect on e-juice, coils, and other e-cigarette components. Follow these tips to make vaping in the summer safer and more enjoyable in no time.   Keep Batts Out Of Heat First and foremost, you’ve got to keep your batteries out of direct sunlight and extreme heat. No exceptions. Overheating is a huge cause of 18650 battery explosion, so this is extremely crucial that you never leave your 18650 battery or any mod in a car or space with intense heat. Even if disaster doesn’t strike, you can damage your lithium-ion battery and shorten its battery life by exposing it to temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. On long trips, make sure to give your vape battery a break intermittently to avoid overheating and to make sure the power doesn’t drain too fast. With mods that have built-in batts, it’s best to use a wall charger if you can, or to charge your mod for short intervals of time before vaping.   Keep Your E-Juice Cool It’s easy to forget about a bottle of e-liquid that you’ve left in your car, but this can have some disastrous consequences. Any time you leave e-juice in extreme heat for an extended period of time, you run the risk of ruining the juice. When exposed to high temps, e-liquid can start to break down and increase in thickness, meaning it will clog your tanks more easily. Overheating can also cause a breakdown in your e-liquid’s nicotine, which will affect the taste and how effective it is when you vape it. If you notice that your e-juice is slightly discolored, it’s probably past the point of no return, so make a practice of taking your e-cigarette liquid out of any spaces where the heat will be elevated.   This applies to any bottles of juice or filled tanks and soaked coils you have. If you’re headed to the beach or for a long road trip, consider putting your juice and filled tanks in a small insulated cooler.