Vapor4Life has been forced to close its Lincoln Square vape shop as of February 1, 2016, due to Chicago’s vape taxes. We are still available online and in Northbrook to help customers smoke smarter. To learn more about Vapor4Life and how to smoke smarter, check out our site. The following is a word from our founder and product inventor, Steve SMILIN Milin.

  Man oh man, the money buys power! The power taxes the people. The people suffer from a lack of choices and America’s freedom is lost again. Rahm Emanuel wants to kill you and make people believe it’s for the good. He wants to stamp out vaping with abusive vape taxes so big tobacco can keep murdering the public by the millions. Why, Rahm, be such a hypocrite? You tax the poor, the middle class, and take money from the rich. You sell your soul. I will not have any business in Chicago because you are killing constituents, homeowners, taxpayers, and businesses, as well as your reputation. I am now forced to close my vaping store in Lincoln Square due to your abusive taxes to customers. We BELIEVE our products save lives. And compared to cigarettes, they are proven to be 95-99% less harmful. So why is there so much ignorance regarding the industry? I will tell you why. Big tobacco. Big bucks. Big business. Disinformation. Control of the media. Buying politicians like you. You say you want to help, but just read the papers now. It’s like the old joke goes: how do you know when a politician is lying? They open their mouth. Reality is, you’re being found out now in so many more ways than just killing people because you force them to keep smoking. I smoked (PAST TENSE) for 40 years, buried both my parents, and could not quit. It is not nicotine that addicts smokers. In actuality, it is the chemical cocktail of death, which big tobacco has been researching, modifying, and concocting, to be more addictive than heroin. Nicotine’s closest chemical is caffeine. Both are out of your body in about three days. The chemical cocktail of death wreaks havoc on your body for several months, but you wouldn’t know because you bury you head somewhere in big tobacco. Why? It’s the money, Rahm. Look at Chicago’s anti-vaping campaign. The city is broke. Where’d the money come from for that? Huh? Get the picture?  So, today, I no longer will have my store, Vapor4Life, in Chicago. Why? Because I can not rip off my customers like you rip off your city. Ya, see, i sell my juice for $13.99. I have to pre-pay you $17.40 per bottle. Then, when my customer wants one, he or she has to pay your greedy Chicago vape taxes for trying to smoke smarter and do less harm to his or her body. I see in your new tax act, you have added very little tax to big tobacco’s pre-packaged cigarettes. Of course, big tobacco doesn’t frickin’ care either way because they don’t pay. Your city doesn’t pay. Chicagoans pay. And when they want to smoke more pure and natural roll-your-own tobacco (which is legal by the way, and a choice we are supposed to have as adults in a free society) you have raised the taxes on one ounce astronomically. $6.60 per ounce! All of the sudden, you decide you need to raise a million bucks in taxes to Chicago smokers, so you can solve the problem of a two-week camp for school kids. You really care about education, don’t you, Rahm? How much ya gonna tax? Are ya nuts?!? If you would like to talk, I am more than happy, as vaping is, in my mind and in the minds of many many others, more of a harm reduction and the best way to smoke smarter, not gain weight, and live an enhanced lifestyle. Bye, bye, Chicago. We are now closed in the city. Hello, family, the city store may have closed, but I ain’t goin’ nowhere! We are here for you online 24-7 OR AT 4100 COMMERCIAL AVE NORTHBROOK, IL 60062. Here's my story.I haven’t had a cigarette since 2008. And I’ve lost about 100 pounds. I spent years overseas and millions of dollars to invent and create the perfect smoking substitute. 95-99% less harmful, infinitely better-tasting. 7 choices of nicotine level, so you can titrate yourself down to zero if you choose.Our family is here to consult and help you on your journey. Email my assistant, Lisa Marie Farver at [email protected] if you have any questions or need tips. WE BELIEVE Vapor4life saves lives for a living. We would love to help save yours.