This is a guest post written by a fire spinner from the Midwest. It is the New Year and time for me to plan my summer vacations. For most, this may include a trip to a national park, or  a local hotel to get away from the kids. I travel out-of-state to teach workshops at fire gatherings, which are for fire dancers to learn different techniques, styles, props, and socialize. These are held in areas meant for camping, which I really enjoy. I love setting up a tent and getting away from the computer for a few days to camp. But, it can be hard for someone who uses an e-cig. Thankfully V4L has come out with a lot of options in the past few months, and with a little planning the daunting thought of being away from an outlet for days is not a problem. V4L has a lot of battery options. I mainly use two different ones. My trusty Diamond XL Manual is my go-to battery for work and play and usually lasts five to six hours before I need to recharge it. If I plan on being out for much longer, I will use my  vGo-T. This has a 900 mah rating and lasts a good 24 hours for me. When I plan a camping trip I also look at juices and cartomizers. I prefer CoolCarts, except when vaping the Nobacco Juice USA V4L No. 7, which I prefer in a WOW cart. Recently, V4L has come out with 1.5 Ohms resistance Dual Coil Tanks. They come in 3.5ml and 6 ml sizes. These tanks last me all day, since I use 1.5 ml to 2 mls of juice each day. I have a few different options for camping. I brought six Diamond Auto batteries and three cartos with a bottle of juice for a four-day adventure last year. That way, I would have one diamond a day and two extra in case I lost one. This worked out fine except I didn't plan for dust and dirt, which caused one of my cartomizers to get really dirty. This year I will bring a tiny assortment: two vGo batteries fully charged,
Fire gathering photo by Ryan Allen"
two  Diamond Manuals, a tank, and two cartomizers. My theory is while I am out teaching or taking a workshop I can have my Diamond with a cartomizer to make it through the class. At night when the fire dancing becomes more play, I will bring my whole gear bag and may run the vGo with a 6 ml tank. The vGo battery life will be shorter with a tank on it due to the amount of amps being drawn from the battery, but if I can get the same amount of time as I would with a Diamond XL, I'm technically getting the same power with less batteries. As for juices, I will most likely bring two different flavors, one designated for the tank, since it is 6 mls and I may only need to refill once. The other flavor I will use for the cartomizers and just drip as I go. I have a few ideas on how to protect my equipment from dust. I always tend to have a drawer full of the condoms from my cartomizers, which are great for many purposes. When I travel I put them over the threads of my batteries, over my drip tip (with help from a dental rubber band) and of course on all of my cartomizers. The biggest thing is keeping it all organized. I tend to use a small container with adjustable compartments, These are very handy and perfect for packing. Mine is set up to hold two bottles of juice - one 30 ml and one 7 ml, all of my batts, and all of my cartomizers. I have not figured in the tank yet, but I should have room. So there you go, that is my typical five-day camping trip set up. Vaping often takes some planning, and a lot of trial and error. I recommend thinking ahead, pay attention to your vaping habit so when you are looking to plan a long vacation you will have an idea of what the best setup for you will be. Thanks for reading, now come see me in the V4L Forum! Ryan 'W' Allen Connect with Ryan at and