Vaping Nic Salts in a Vapor Zeus

Salt Nic


Nic salts revolutionized vaping, but it can also be argued they have brought us back to square one. We explain the science and evolution of nic salts in our feature deep-dive “What is Salt Nic?


The vaping revolution was kicked off with small, high nicotine, mouth to lung devices. Many vapers eventually transitioned to high tech, subohm mods and low nicotine ejuices. Nic salts rekindled interest in discrete, efficient and tight hitting devices.


But nic salts are not limited to pods. If you are a Vapor Zeus owner, you may be surprised to discover how well your device works with nic salts. The Dual Mode and Variable Voltage Vapor Zeus are specifically well suited for nic salt vaping.


Misconceptions about Nic Salt

Were you surprised to find out that the classic Vapor Zeus design is great for nic salts? If so, you are not alone. There is one major misconceptions about nic salts, and it that influences how people vape them. This misconception is that nic salts fundamentally change the vape juice formula.


Nic salts are a form of nicotine that is perfectly interchangeable with the freebase nicotine used in classic vape juices.

The primary difference is that you can add more nic salts to an eliquid formula, and it will not detract from the vaping experience.

The lower pH of nic salts allows higher levels to be used, and that is the only major difference between salt nic and freebase nicotine. Nicotine salts have a slightly different molecular weight, but at the end of the day it is just one ingredient in a vape juice formula. It may be an important one, but it is not the one that dictates what devices it works in or the vapor generated.



As you can see on the chart above, specific ejuice formulas are meant for certain styles of device. The reason nic salt ejuices are formulated to work in less powerful devices is because they range between 2.5 and 5 percent nicotine.


There is no reason to barrel through a 120ml bottle of ejuice that is jacked to the gills with nicotine, and giant clouds of the stuff might be considered detrimental to all but the most hardened smoker. It is worth noting that our high PG ejuices max out at 3.6 percent, but many vape juices are limited to 1.2 percent and subohm vapers rarely venture above 0.6 or even 0.3 percent nicotine.  


The amount of cloud produced, viscosity and what devices an ejuice work best with are actually determined by the PG/VG ratio. Our ejuice resource page explains the ingredients in vape juice in more detail, and we also recommend checking out our blog on understanding PG/VG ratios in ejuice.


This misconception about nic salts is one reason why so many are under the impression that you need a pod system to enjoy them. The fact is that “pod” is not a term of art but is a loosely defined term that generally describes a removable or refillable plastic tank. If you look at the performance parameters of the typical pod system, they have a high resistance coil (over one ohm), and a restrictive draw. There are devices that check these boxes that are not “vape pods”.

Nic Salts in a Vapor Zeus?

Many cartomizer tanks are perfectly suited for nic salts on paper, but the tank itself is designed for high PG juices, which have a lower viscosity. This means they might clog quickly. Moreover, some use stick batteries that are only 3.7 volts and lack the power necessary to heat the thicker, higher VG nic salt ejuices. Neither of these issues is an issue with the Dual Mode Vapor Zeus.


In fact, the large polyfill tank of the Vapor Zeus really brings out the flavor of nic salt ejuices. The Vapor Zeus has a 2 ohm coil and hits at 12 watts. This provides a tight and authentic draw that is perfect for salt nic. The form factor of the Vapor Zeus also works in its favor, as considerable effort has been made to provide soft surfaces on the mouth piece and solid weight to the build.


If you are a Vapor Zeus user and currently use high nicotine ejuice from our Wow and Premium lines, the shift to 2.5 percent nic salts won’t provide an upgrade on the nicotine end and you will lose a bit of the throat kick. But if you are feeling adventurous, it is well worth a shot.


If you are currently using a prefilled nic salt vape pod system, you will be surprised to discover how much you can save buying nic salts by the bottle and filling your own device. The Vapor Zeus is quite capable of fulfilling these duties expertly. It was omitted from our feature on Top Ten Juul alternatives, but can hold its own in this competitive field.


There are several models of Vapor Zeus. Although they all provide similar performance, the Dual Mode is slightly more powerful, putting 5 volts. This will hit up your ejuice faster, which is quite useful if you are using a higher VG nic salt blend. The Variable Voltage Vapor Zeus also makes sense. Being able to control the power, and with only slightly less oomph, this flexibility may provide useful if you are trying to vape nic salts for the first time. The Auto Vapor Zeus will give you an experience that most closely resembles a button-free refillable vape pod.


Personally, I use the Dual Mode Vapor Zeus when I am feeling salty. The autodraw and fire button flexibility is perfect for discrete nic salt vaping, but I understand the case for the Variable Voltage.



Vaping Nic Salts in a Vapor Zeus


If you are going to use nic salts in a Vapor Zeus, it is important that you fill the Smileomizer correctly. The first step is to place it on a napkin to prevent any spilling of excess juice. A small Smileomizer will hold approximately 90 drops (3–3.5ml) when being filled the first time. A large Smileomizer will hold approximately 120 drops (6–6.5ml)


Carefully drip e-juice directly onto the cotton polyfill. Do not drip e-juice into the center tube. That is the air intake. After filling your Smileomizer to capacity, let it sit for at least 15 minutes. It is worth the wait because the newest generation Smileomizer has a higher performance coil. Replace the tip, hold your mouth to the top of the Smileomizer and gently blow any excess liquid into a tissue. There wont be much if you filled it to the correct level. Wipe any excess liquid from the bottom of the Smileomizer before reconnecting it with the battery.


You probably want to ease in by vaping with smaller puffs, because chances are the nic salt juice you are using is thicker than the Wow or Premium juices that most Zeus users prefer.