prohibition Prohibition was repealed on December 5th more than 80 years ago. It seems crazy now to think of a nationwide ban on alcohol, but it really did happen, and it lasted for 13 years! Now, adults can buy and consume alcohol in every state, so it seems America has really come a long way. But has it? It’s hard to think so, when the vaping industry faces threats of prohibition with the coming new year. Big tobacco and big pharma have started to throw their weight --and money-- around to manipulate the media and politicians into perpetuating lies about vaping, and to shove the e-Cigarette industry into a financial corner. As National Review noted, “Cigarette companies are spending millions of dollars to push product bans, higher taxes, and expensive regulations on their competitors.” Several cities and states have imposed restrictions on vaping, and have increased the taxes on vaping products. In Chicago, vape shops are facing an e Liquid tax of 55 cents per milliliter, in addition to a per product tax of 80 cents. This type of abusive taxation reflects a common trend that threatens to cause a whopping price increase for vapers. For the average 30 ml bottle of e Juice, this means a whopping $17.30 increase.   The motivation is clear. As more and more smokers switch to e-cigarettes, tobacco companies start to worry about losing money, losing customers, and losing their grip on countless smokers throughout the world. The consequences of a looming all-out ban on vaping could be dire. When alcohol was prohibited, bootleggers and speakeasies set up shop, crafting homemade booze that often had deadly consequences. According to a Time Magazine article, 41 people died of alcohol poisoning when they rang in the new year in 1927. Without access to tested, quality controlled e Juices and vaping gear, vapers may resort to making their own bootleg liquids. What’s more, former smokers won’t have access to the very products that helped them kick the habit in the first place. These vapers might have to go back to smoking cigarettes again, forfeiting their hard-won victories against tobacco cigarettes. Of course this will rake in big profits for big tobacco, but that may come at the cost of countless lives. Is it worth the risk? You can do your part to keep the vaping industry alive and well. Like our Facebook page for up-to-the-minute news and info. Share your stories on social media. Contact your local lawmaker to show your support of a budget bill provision that would prevent vaping products from being restricted under tobacco regulations by the FDA. Let your voice be heard before your e-cigarette access disappears in a cloud of tobacco smoke. For more information on vaping, e cigarettes, and ways to smoke smarter, check out our website.