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So I've been loving life in the two years that I've been vaping. I'm breathing a hell of a lot better. I'm waking up refreshed, and I've got an overall good outlook on life. I mean, I feel like I've got my life back and I'm only 23! So where do we go from here? So I was on the E-Cigarette Forum (ECF) over the weekend, chatting it up with some fellow vapers, when I noticed something in someone's profile. It was an "ecig calculator" . Now, I've seen these before but I'd never actually used one. For those who don't know, you can use an ecig calculator to see how much vaping has saved you since you've made the switch. Well, after two years of vaping, I've had to save a ton, right? I knew we had an ecig calculator on the Vapor4Life homepage so I gave it a whirl. I typed in how many packs of cigarettes I smoked a week, thirteen, and how much those packs were, $12.50 (I smoked Parliament Lights for years!. You know, that recessed filter was really worth the extra five dollars). "You saved $557 per month and $6,779 per year!" At first, I was like, "WOW, that's a lot of savings!" But that quickly turned into disappointment with a hint of anger. I've saved over $10,000 by just not buying cigarettes. But the two years before that, I was wasting that much money?! I couldn't believe it. Who spends $7,000 a YEAR, on cigarettes! Well, I'm that idiot who did. That's money that could have gone to a car note, phone bills, or even my student loans! Man, do I feel dumb. I went back to ECF and was instantly given support from my vaping peers. They too, had felt my pain of this realization. I put my anger on hold when someone told me they smoked for thirty years. I couldn't even imagine what they could have thought when they did their math. Think about that for a minute. Someone who smoked a pack a day for thirty years, who paid (on average for thirty years) five bucks a pack would still have spent $27,930. Reading this, the only word that comes to mind is "waste". Thankfully, ecigs are helping me (and my wallet) for the future. Tell me, how much have you saved since you made the switch to vaping?