Vapers love doing all kinds of vape tricks. Some popular types are french inhales, mustaches, making bubbles, tornadoes, dragons, bullrings, jellyfish, waterfalls, and ghosts. You can find videos of people doing these plus tutorials Instagram and YouTube. We've gathered up a list of the craziest vape tricks we've seen online. Grab your vape mod because yes, it's totally ok to TRY THESE AT HOME. The Jellyfish  The Jelly fish just scratches the surface of crazy vape tricks, but it's one of the simpler ones to execute. Check out the video below and get some practice. Your non-vaping friends will think you're a vape magician. [embed][/embed] The Waterfall  This trick is pretty easy to pull off if you take your time with it. You just need an empty bottle, your vape gear, and an audience. [embed][/embed] The Bane  Not gonna lie; I have a really hard time even looking at this crazy vape trick because it legit terrifies the s#!t out of me. Watch the vid and then try it IF YOU DARE. [embed][/embed] The Lasso  If you've got smoke rings down pat, you just need to finesse your game a lil' more to land this crazy vape trick and channel your inner John Wayne. [embed][/embed] Underwater Vape Tricks (OMG!) Ok. I don't even know how these people vape underwater, but they do and the result is some serious pro level crazy vape tricks. But like howwwwwww?!?!?!?!?! [embed][/embed] The Craziest of the Crazy Vape Tricks  Finally, enjoy this mega compilation of [email protected]$$ vapers who take crazy vape tricks to the next level.   [embed][/embed]