Which Vapor Cartridges Are Right for Your E Cigs? Here's What to Know About Your Options
Although making the switch from smoking to vaping can be a rewarding experience, it also comes with several choices that most former smokers never thought they would have to make. Because e cigs and vaporizers are so easy to customize, there are a multitude of options that can meet just about any user's preferences. When most users begin mixing and matching parts for their vaporizers, vapor cartridges are often considered the most important aspect of this customization.
Why do vapor cartridges matter? These components are responsible for holding the e liquid used to produce vapor. They can vary widely in color and capacity, and some can be more convenient for a user than others depending upon whether or not a pre-filled cartridge is preferred. To make the choice easy, here are a few things most vaping enthusiasts look for in their vaping cartridges:
Clear tanks or solid color vapor cartridges? This one sounds easy, right? After all, most of this category relies on the user's preference for a specific color. However, there is more to consider when choosing a new cartridge than simply the color.
One of the big draws for e cigs and vaporizers is that they are available in all types of styles and colors. As such, many users like to have a vapor cartridge that matches or coordinates with their device. Tanks, however, hold cartomizers in a housing that includes a mouthpiece. While these are also available in solid colors, many users like to use clear tanks in order to monitor their e liquid levels.
How much e liquid do I need to store? The capacity of the cartridge depends largely upon how much use it gets. Those who don't use their vaporizers heavily may only need a smaller size cartridge, whereas those who vape several times per day may choose a larger size cartomizer. For the most part, cartridges can hold between 1 mL and 6 mL of e liquid and will usually work with specific vapor cigarette models only.
Another factor to consider is the lifetime of that cartridge. Some can only be used once before they have to be recycled; others can last months or years depending upon how many times they are used and reused.
Is it better to buy blank or pre-filled cartridges? The type of cartridges one buys depends largely upon the type of vaping experience desired. Pre-filled cartridges are already filled with e liquid and can often be used right out of the box, which offers convenience to the user. However, these cartridges will only last until the e liquid runs out, so they must be recycled or properly disposed of and replaced once finished.
Some users prefer to use blank cartomizers and tanks in order to get more use out of their vapor cigarettes. Cartridges and tanks that have the ability to be refilled can last longer than a pre-filled cartridge; they can also usually hold more e liquid and they allow the user to mix and match liquids according to their preferences. Over the long run, this can actually save the user money: all that's needed is a refillable cartridge and a bottle of one's favorite e liquid in order to use the vaporizer.
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