Vapor Expo International Real talk: I’ve only been vaping for about nine months and I love it. I’m at the point now where my love for vaping has fully gestated into a real-life walking talking obsession with all things e-cigarette. When my boss asked me if I wanted to attend the Vapor Expo International I legit swooned and almost actually fainted. This would be my first vape fest of sorts. I had no idea what to expect, but I was wriggly with excitement. Vapor Expo International is a B2B convention, so I would get a chance to meet other people in the industry who were as obsessively into vaping and vape advocacy as I was. I was a little bummed that I wouldn’t be blowing giant clouds with vapers outside of the “industry,” but I’ve marked my calendar for upcoming vape bashes! Here’s my review of Vapor Expo International!   There Was So Much E-Juice     It was so great to meet other e-juice vendors and see their clever marketing. When I walked into the Donald E Stephens Convention Center, I was blown away by how bright and colorful all the booths were. Some booths had giant mechanisms that shot out huge puffs of vapor. Other booths had live turtles. I kid you not. The one thing almost every booth had in common was a crap-ton of e-juice. I sampled so, so, so much e-juice. The prevailing trend was that everything was sweet. Lots of cake flavors, donut flavors and fruit flavors. I basically didn’t crave sugar for the next week or so.   There Was So Much Swag   As soon as I got there and met up with the rest of the Vapor4Life team, it was clear that I should have brought an extra bag to carry all the free e-juice, stickers and other vape swag that I was gifted. Not to worry, tons of vendors had bags they were more than happy to give away to help get their brand recognition out there (and to help me not pull a muscle carrying everything in my purse. I was very thankful for the swag bags as I loaded up on mousepads, stickers, sunglasses, and CBD gum. By the time it was all over, Vapor4Life had made some pretty sweet connections, and I had a ton of souvenirs to commemorate my first expo.   There Was So Much Vape Love The thing I loved seeing the most at Vapor Expo International had nothing to do with swag or samples or badass mods (though there was a lot of that) or free beer (there was a lot of that too). I was really proud to see members of the community coming together to share stories and support for vaping. SFATA was there and so was the guy who runs Vape News Radio. I saw him from a distance. I also got a minor crush on him and wanted to chat with him about vaping advocacy, but he was talking to so many other vape lovers and I didn’t want to be a rude fangirl. So, I didn’t find true love at Vapor Expo International, but I found a mutual love of vaping everywhere I went. So many small businesses who were passionate about their work and what they bring to the vaping community. We need to remember this. We are not in competition. We are in this together, to fight big tobacco and stop its control over our lungs and our lives.