We’re excited to announce that our Vapor Zeus e-cigarette just got the best compliment an e-cig can get and honestly, it’s blushing. We’ve got legions of former smokers who can attest to how well the Zeus mimics a cigarette, but a recent Vaping Insider review proves that even in an industry flooded with pod mods, the Zeus is still the best bet for smokers.   Here’s what Vaping Insider had to say “The draw on [the Vapor Zeus] is very cigarette like. In fact, I would say this is probably the closest I have come to a cigar/cigarette type of draw when it comes to a vape product that I have tested.” They went on to rave about the Zeus’s mouth-to-lung hit and to credit its tight draw — much like that of an actual cigarette — with playing a big part in its appeal to smokers.   To add an even cooler twist, this review was done by someone who had never vaped on a clearomizer before (the Zeus is made up of a stick batt and a clearomizer). This reviewer’s love for the Zeus is a testament to the product’s holding power.   I was actually surprised at the quality of vape I was able to achieve,” they wrote, calling the hit off the Vapor Zeus “a nice, smooth and MTL hit.”   They also throw in a shoutout to the Vapor Titan, the Zeus’s smaller, but still mighty, sibling. Vaping Insider wrote, “I also like the Titan because it did bring me back to the days when I was a smoker.”   If you’re looking for something that looks, tastes, feels, and hits like a cigarette, we’re pretty confident you’ll love the Zeus — or the Titan — just as much as Vaping Insider did.   Check out the Vaping Insider’s Vapor Zeus review and browse our Vapor Zeus selection!