By Steve Smilin Milin   Vapor-Zeus-cartoon Zeus was the king of the ancient Greek gods, and The Vapor Zeus is the King of vapor cigarettes. I brought the Vapor Zeus to life after taking the time, energy, money, patience, love and guts to fly overseas to inspect the factories making my products. I was so upset by what I saw that I fired 7 of the 9 factories I was buying product from. I only wanted to put the highest quality of anything into my body, so I made a partnership with Cosonics Electronics, a 6,000 employee company who manufactures electronics. I opened up a state-of-the-art factory in Shipai, China, and started developing products to satisfy myself. I knew if I could make myself smile with my product, 9 out of 10 smokers would smile with me.   Years in the Making After months of trial and error, traveling the area to see all other manufacturers of components, and having samples shipped in from both Europe and Asia, I was able to develop a product that would work in theory. I had tried about 50-100 modified vapor cigarette models from all over the world, Still, they were too heavy, too bulky. You had to press buttons, they fell apart, and leaked. Just a mess. Once I found my perfect way to replicate smoking, I didn’t want to have to want to tinker with stuff to keep it just right; I simply wanted to smoke. It took me two years away from my wife and daughter to finally develop a modified automatic battery strong enough to satisfy me. Problem was, it was too damn big due to the size of the microprocessor that was available in 2011. I was also using the existing carts I had invented, but the battery weighed more than a stick battery, and the carts were hard, so I constantly chipped my teeth. I needed something soft and durable that would hold more liquid, so I went to work trying different materials and designs until I invented my Smileomizer. Once I got the formula just right for both my battery and Smileomizer, we went to work assembling all the components into a final product that matched the criteria I needed to create my ultimate vaping experience. Smokers, it will be yours too. I guarantee it.   Here are some reasons the Vapor Zeus stands above other vapor cigarettes.   STATE-OF-THE ART FEATURES
  • World’s most powerful 10-watt automatic mod batt
  • High-tech, proprietary microprocessor does well over 2000 calculations per second
  • Holds lots of e-juice
  • Light-weight round design
  • Soft touch
  • No buttons to push
  • High-tech, stainless steel
  • 808 threading
  • Smileomizer holds up to 3.5 ml of e-juice
  • Washable, reusable medical grade silicon tip
  • Sleek, high-tech cigarette-size carrying case
  • Pass-through charger, so you can charge while using
  • Automatic, variable voltage, and dual mode batteries available
  • “So simple a caveman can use it,” says e-cig Review Planet
  • Hit every sense, just like a real cigarette or cigar
  • Proper form, factor and feeling to recreate the smoking experience
  • Hear the sizzzzzzzle
  • Fabulous flavor and big smoke clouds
  • Something to could chew on without hurting or damaging teeth
  • Consistent puff each and every time
  • Chest hit, throat hit
  • Socially acceptable
  • Satisfying and long-lasting
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