baristas-blend-blog Let’s talk coffee. I’m very, very picky about coffee. I’m not snobby (I promise), but I order my lattes with soy milk at 135 degrees. At home I drink my coffee black. In a special cup. I’m not snobby. I just like good coffee (at 135 degrees).   I’m the same way about e juice, so when I try a coffee e juice, the standards are ridiculously high. The first coffee vape flavor I tried was one of our WOW Coffee, but now we’ve got Barista’s Blend in our VIP Ultimo Vapor E Juices, so I just had to try it and see how it measured up.   If you like coffee e juice, Barista’s Blend Ultimo Vapor E Juice is a perfect all-day vape. It’s a 60/40 VG/PG blend, so I took my nicotine level down to 4 mg (I usually only vape 36mg) put it in a tank, fired up my Vogue box mod and gave it a shot.   The first thing you notice is the aroma, it’s a pleasant coffee smell that isn’t overpowering. The vapor clouds roll out and linger on my desk. The coffee flavor is smooth and rich on the inhale, leaving a slight espresso aftertaste on my tongue. You really get the flavor on the exhale: Take a long slow draw and let the vapor linger on your tongue and then taste the robust coffee flavor as you exhale.   The flavor, the aroma, the vapor. I like it all. I’d even mix it with Custard’s Last Stand for a sugary pickmeup in the morning. Add a dash of Ultimo Snow Ball E Juice for a minty jolt. I grew two extra thumbs just so I could give this flavor four thumbs up .