Step into the hybrid world of the culinary arts and vaping! "Welcome to the Vapor4Life Kitchen everyone! Today we have Chef BHam, world renowned vaper and chef. Chef BHam what are you cooking up today?" asks the Vapor4Life Kitchen hostess, Audrey. "Thank you for having me!" Chef BHam replies ecstatically. "Before I begin, have you ever cooked with pomegranates?" Audrey laughs, "I can vape it but I don't bake it!" BHam chuckles with a smile, "Well, Audrey, today we are making ice cream! I know, not the most obvious choice for a cooking show, but today's special ingredient is pomegranate!" Chef BHam replies. Audrey's eyes light up, "Oh, what are you going to use the pomegranate for?" "We are going to make vanilla and pomegranate peppermint ice cream, with frozen pomegranate seeds and a pomegranate sauce to add another dimension to this treat. "To begin you'll need milk, a can of condensed sweetened milk, vanilla extract, heavy cream, salt, peppermints and of course one pomegranate." Chef BHam pulls out the ingredients from a cabinet onto the counter. "Now you'll want to prep by crunching up the peppermints and cutting the seeds out of the pomegranate." Chef BHam slices the pomegranate in half, exposing the pulp membrane and the it's luscious seeds. Audrey looks at the pomegranate with excitement, "The colors are so pretty!" "Once you've mixed about half the pomegranate seeds and the peppermint into the ice cream mixture you can go ahead and put it in your ice cream maker or churner. While it chills, we're going to make the pomegranate sauce! "Take the other half of the seeds and smash them in a bowl. You'll want to add sugar to the liquid to mixture too. I added some chocolate sauce as well to give it a extra kick! Leave this mixture on a burner until it thickens and then let it cool." Chef BHam goes to the refrigerator and grabs an ice cream mixture that has been already prepared. "Look at this delicious dessert! Take your sauce and just drizzle it on top of the ice cream. If it's still warm enjoy that delicious combination on your taste buds!" Chef BHam makes a bowl for the hostess Audrey, "Now, you have to try it out." Audrey's face explodes with pleasure, "OH!" Chef BHam smiles and knows she loves it, "Thank you all for watching tonight!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you would like to experience all the wonders of pomegranate and all of our other great vaping flavors, check out all of our e-juice here.