Recently Vapor4Life released the last three sizes and colors of their auto Dial-A-Volt (DAV) line. (When it first came out, it was only available in black 1100mAh). The first thing that stands out about this DAV  is the lack of a button. For the auto lovers of the vaping world this is one-of-a-kind pv, seeing as there are currently no other automatic variable voltage devices on the market of any type. It is a "sealed" auto connection, but one without any of the kinks of some of the previous "sealed autos". There's been no switch or draw issues to speak of. In fact, the draw is much like that of a Vapor King Diamond Manual (in other words very analog-like), and the switch is as responsive as the unsealed auto King Diamonds of old. I haven't had a single issue of lag or needing to take a very hard draw to activate it. Size-wise, it's about 1mm shorter than its manual counterpart of the same size (mAh), and slightly lighter due to the removal of the button housing. This also gives it a more streamlined appearance in my opinion. There is an indicator light on the auto DAV. Right above the 4.2v setting is a very small white LED. That brings up the next change, the voltage settings themselves. Where the manuals were 3.3-3.8-4.3-4.8v, the auto is 3.2-3.7-4.2-4.8v. One more very important thing to note before getting into anything else is what it being an auto really brings to the table.  The auto DAV  because of its light weight can be used as a hands-free PV. I suggest using either a Smileomizer,  3.5ml tank, CoolCart, or WOW carto with a Ming Drip Tip for best results, but it's a subject of personal preference. On to the more interesting development with the latest three sizes of the DAV  released (650, 900, and 1300mAhs). So far in all my testing, these have shown to hold their voltage longer than the manual or the previous 1100mAh  auto that was released earlier. The trade-off is a little shorter of battery life if running it at the highest setting, but having a consistent vape trumps that any day. You can see my full test results on the V4L Forum. Contact Morandir835 via e-mail at [email protected] or through his page on ECF at "Even Though I Nothing Learned, With Strength I Burned."  €“ Emperor