This is a guest post written by bjfgator ~ Beth Fitzgerald from Nutter Fort, WV. She enjoys vaping, cooking, camping, laughing and writing. I'm not really good at remembering dates but one date will be forever etched in my memory as one of the best days of my life - it's the day my first package arrived from V4L.   I share my infamous date with other historical events such as the abolishing of the Y formation in college football (1942), the clubbing of Nancy Kerrigan (1994), the last appearance of Elvis on the Ed Sullivan show (1957), and the end of the "Battle of the Bulge" (1945). Historically, I've been battling my bulge for about as long as I have battled my abandonment of the analogs. My bulge is still a battle but, like the defeat of the Germans in 1945, the analog 120's were crushed completely by the Diamond XL's and Smilin' on January 6, 2012. As I reflect back on the last six months of my life, I am still in amazement of  this victory wielded with one remarkable "stick" and a little "juice." For many of us, the extensive lifelong warfare has left us with a plethora of combat losses evidenced by a box full of expensive and ineffective weaponry (gum, patches, prescriptions, etc.). But all that changed on January 6, 2012.   If I began to panic, I only needed to "call in the reinforcements" from the forum to bolster my resolve and confirm my decision. At times, I will admit that the lingo spoken by the troops posed a comprehension challenge. Initially, I thought that the minimum age requirement of 18 was due to the frequent discussions involving butt plugs and condoms.   Thankfully, whatever dialogue I didn't understand was cheerfully translated by a member well-versed in the language of vaping. Within a very short time I found myself adapting quickly to the dialect without the use of any special linguistic programs.   "Vapanese" is an easy language to learn if you immerse yourself in the forum. Now, as a six-month-old vaper, I am proud to state that over 4500 analog attacks have been avoided and pose no viable threat.   I routinely infiltrate adversarial lines with "Spread the Word" cards and samples and have added a few converts to the vaping family.   When I become discouraged by the sheer size of the "analogistic" forces I am reminded about the inspirational story told about a man who walked the beach throwing starfish, stuck on the sand from the receding tide, back into the water to allow them to live (The Starfish Story). When mocked by another beach walker about how his small effort was of little significance due to the miles and miles of beach and stranded starfish, the man picked up another starfish, threw it into the water and stated, "It made a difference for that one." I was stranded on the analog beach until I found V4L.   I will always be grateful for the great products I have acquired, but even more appreciative of my "reinforcement" friends that walk the forum "beach" with me ready to offer help when needed. Many of them have celebrated their one year and beyond vaperversaries and graciously mentor those of us who occasionally get "stuck" in the analog sands.   A special thanks to all of my forum friends €¦ you have truly made a difference in my life.   The new website captures it perfectly when it states "Life Change Done Right."   January 6, 2012, will forever be the "life change" day that "made a difference" in my life. bjfgator  is active on the V4L forum and in Vapashopaholics and can be reached at [email protected].