This is guest post written by Via, an e-cig enthusiast living in Jacksonville, Florida. The Old Days Back in the old days, like most of you, I smoked in the house. In the morning I would reach for my pack of analogs waiting on the night stand, and have my morning smoke or two. Then I would shower and get dressed (another analog), make breakfast (another analog), drive to work (four to eight analogs, depending on traffic) and get to work (smelling like my favorite cologne and an ashtray). I worked until 10:15 and smoked two more analogs, lunch was an hour of smoking analogs and reading. At 2:30 I went for an analog break, then drive home in LA traffic with plenty of analogs. I smoked many analogs while watching TV (and opening another pack). Then off to bed where I'd have two or three more analogs. I would wake up in the middle of the night for another analog. Then in the morning it would start all over again. Pariah I'm not sure when it happened but I had become  a pariah. No one wanted to be  around a smoker, so I changed my routine. I would wake up, get dressed and as quickly as possible, get outside for my "morning walk" which meant two or three analogs. Then back to the house to wash my hands, gargle with "antiseptic" mouthwash, either change clothes or douse myself in Febreze  and either wash my hair, or 'Febreze  it', drink a few cups of coffee and hope that no one noticed I'd been smoking. I practiced the same routine, over and over. I should have purchased stock in the manufacturers of Febreze and mouthwash! Every two hours, the routine repeated itself and when my honey went to bed, it became a free-for-all. The minute he went upstairs, I took a three-analog walk, and an hour later another. Sometimes I would nap on the sofa for a few hours, and then get up again for another three-analog walk. There were many nights when I never went upstairs to bed at all, blaming my bad back and not the real reason - that I smelled to high heaven. Enter Vapor4Life When I discovered V4L, my routine changed yet again. I am still "stealth vaping" but my hands are no longer raw, dry and cracked from all the hand washing. I only buy  one bottle of antiseptic mouthwash instead of four or five a month. My honey goes to bed at 10, and I stay up to watch The Twilight Zone and vape to my heart's content. Now I go to bed and only sleep on the sofa when my back actually hurts. I no longer smell or burn holes in my clothes, and best of all, I get to kiss my honey whenever the time is right. I'm no longer a pariah! My life with Vapor4Life
I have my first vape in the morning when I get downstairs. I don't have to worry about the weather or dressing appropriately. I vape a little while making breakfast. I vape when I need to. I love vaping during a two-hour  bath in my huge garden tub with a tons of hot water, bath salts and my favorite PV, tank or carto and my iThing that I use to keep up with the forum or add supplies to my wish list. My life has changed tremendously with V4L. The most important being the relationship with my fiancée. I know you have had similar experiences, especially if you are living with a non-smoker. How has your life been changed by vaping? Leave a comment here. Via teaches marker rendering and Norwegian rosemaling. Contact her at [email protected], or read her personal blog at