Voopoo Drag Baby Trio

Mini-Mod or Vape Pod?

The Voopoo Drag Baby Trio is an adorable mini-mod that can deliver a wide range of vaping experiences, depending on which of the three available coils you choose, hence the name “Trio”. The Trio may look like a mini-mod, but price point and performance place the Drag Baby in the shark-infested waters of the refillable vape pod market.

The question is this: will Voopoo’s mini-mod sink or swim with its whimsical appearance and unique style?

When you pick up the Drag Baby, the first thing that sticks out is how light it is. The “mod” section weighs a mere 55g. I was surprised to find that it contained an impressive, at least for the category, 1500mAh battery. Voopoo rates the Drag Baby at 500 puffs, but this number would surely be impacted by the coil used.

The Voopoo Drag Baby Trio boasts a Gene Trio chip, which provides a speedy ramp up time and excellent flavor right out of the gates. The Drag Baby also has built-in safety features such as short circuit protection, over and under discharge protection, over current protect when charging and a 10 second switch time out for pocket firing.

Voopoo Drag Baby Appearance

I love how this thing looks. But one nitpick I have about this feather weight chassis is that it doesn’t have the feel or weight I expected it to. The Drag Baby feels well-built, but the plastic textures also leave a bit to be desired. There are no rattles, the tolerances are tight and the tank really screws in tightly.

The finish is aluminum and stainless steel, and the weight savings make the device feel almost empty, like the battery has been left out. The light feel of the Baby Drag may feel so glaring because I am juxtaposing the mini-mod with the Voopoo Drag 2, reviewed here. The Drag 2 is a classic box mod powered by a pair of 18650 batteries. They share shelf space in my office and have a strong family resemblance.  

Still, the Voopoo Drag Baby Trio just looks like a fun device and you get used to lack of heft. It’s a mini-mod so the weight savings were probably intentional, but the Drag Baby might have a more premium feel with some metallic or alloy inlays and a few more grams of weight.

All in, it weighs in at only 75g. This is less than a Lost Vape Orion DNA Go or Smok Trinity Alpha. This is remarkable since the Drag Baby has a battery that is 50 percent larger and a detachable tank.

Because the Drag Baby Trio looks like a junior mod, it is easily type-cast as a secondary device. But it actually makes an outstanding vape starter kit. It couldn’t be easier to use, with a single button and coils you can swap in seconds flat. I would not hesitate to recommend the Drag Baby to a beginning vaper, or someone in the market for a versatile vape pod system.  

The mod portion of the body is significantly smaller than similar vape pods. It ends up being a bit taller because of the full size resin drip tip, and modish form factor. Here is the Drag Baby Trio compared to my battered collection of vape pods kits.

Other than a fire button, there isn’t much going on. There is a battery light indicator. It flashes green when charged more than 60 percent, blue when between 20 and 60, and red when below 20 percent. The word Drag is pretty prominently placed, and there is a colorful resin front plate. I gather that it looks a bit more like a Drag than a Drag 2, due to the slightly offset tank positioning. It also has a hook for a chain or lanyard, in case you like to carry your device around your neck like a Saint Bernard.

Voopoo Drag Baby Trio Coils

The Voopoo Drag Baby Trio looks like mini-mod, but has the functionality and user-friendly design of a pod kit. As might be expected in a device which was apparently named after the three coils it is available with, the Drag Baby’s performance depends heavily on which of the PnP coils you decide to snap into place.

The kit itself comes with the 1.2 ohm PnP-C1 ceramic and 0.6 ohm PnP-M2 single mesh coil. There is also a 0.8 ohm dual head coil available.

The Voopoo coils have middle adjustable airflow, perhaps to compensate for the fixed airflow ports. It is easy enough to cover one of the airflow ports while vaping this device, but my porcine ham hands made it impossible to cover both comfortably. The difference in airflow between the coils is noticeable, although even the 1.2 is a bit looser than some mouth to lungers would expect.

The 1.2ohm PnP-C1ceramic coil delivers a flavorful mouth to lung hit that is perfect for nic salts. Operating at 10-15w, it delivers a decent throat hit despite the lack of adjustable airflow on the Voopoo Drag Baby. This coil works great with regular ejuice, my preferred delivery method, but is competing on paper with refillable vape pod systems like the Aspire AVP.

If regular ejuice is your thing, the 0.6 ohm PnP-M2 single mesh coil unleashes top tier flavor and impressive cloud production from a very small device. It operates at 20-28w, delivering direct to lung vaping performance from a tiny device. This is my favorite coil, although it will kill the battery faster.

The 0.8 ohm  PnP-R1 0.8 coil slots between, and will probably end up on nic salt duty, despite measuring less than an ohm of resistance. It is a dual head core and supports vaping at 12-18w. The obvious rival for both of the subohm coils are the various Smok Nord coil devices on the market.

Voopoo Drag Baby Trio and Nic Salts

Despite possessing the lines of a subohm mod, handling nicotine salt juice was clearly a huge priority for the designers at Voopoo. Interestingly, it is the 0.8ohm coil that was said to be designed for nic salts, but the 1.2ohm coil delivers the tighter draw that many salt nic vapers prefer.

The upshot is that this thing is a great vape pod alternative. It is small, easy to operate and gives some value added flexibility. If you are new to vaping and want to learn more about salt nic, check out our deep dive "What is Salt Nic?"

Voopoo Drag Baby Trio Tank

Don’t be deceived by the modish lines, and easily snapped in coils. The Drag Baby Trio will only work with the Drag Baby Tank. In this sense, it is very similar to a refillable pod system. The threading is proprietary. If you are looking for a small Voopoo vape mod with a full service tank and internal battery, check out the compact Voopoo Mojo, reviewed here.

The form factor of the Drag Baby is a very nice departure from the tight confines of many vape pods. All you need to do is unscrew the top to reveal twin fill ports. The ports are covered with with a rubberized seal and this should greatly reduce leaks. You will need a bottle with a small enough nose to insert through the airlock to fill. I was able to use a standard ejuice and a nic salt bottle with no problem.  

The resin drip tip is pretty standard, and quite comfortable for mod users. The capacity is 1.8ml, which is competitive with a typical vape pod system of this size. Airflow is not adjustable, although permanently covering the exposed ports would be pretty easy. The variations in airflow performance are provided entirely by the trio coils.

The tank screws nicely into place, rather than snaps, which would seem to provide greater durability than the various snappable pods that are on the market. Unlike a pod, the tank is built to last.

Final Thoughts on Voopoo Drag Baby Trio

This device just crossed my desk, but so far I love it. I am swamped with refillable vape systems. The image above laying out the Voopoo next to the Smok Nord, Aspire AVP, Smok Trinity Alpha and Lost Vape Orion DNA gives you some idea of how these devices have proliferated. I left off a couple of others due to space constraints and relevancy.

I am really hoping that this device can mostly replace these pods. For it to do this, the 1500mAh battery will have to continue to perform as advertised. The wide range of performance characteristics offered by the different coils is also a great feature. The PnP coils are fairly inexpensive, which is another benefit of this design.

Out of the box, the flavor has been great. Competing directly with the Smok Nord, you have to deliver serious flavor. So far it has. I’m sure there are critics who will be salty about the fact you cannot use another tank on the Voopoo Drag Baby Trio, but it is not really a full service mod. It may deliver the form factor and much of the functionality of the mod, but this thing is not competing with the Smok Morph 219w. The family Nord is the target, and I feel it scores a direct hit.  

The two biggest advantage held by the Voopoo Drag Baby Trio are the fact it uses a durable tank design, and the performance of the Gene chip.