Voopoo Drag Mini Review

Voopoo Drag 2 Mini


The names of Voopoo products can be a bit confusing. It turns out a Drag Baby looks like a shrunken Drag, and is a mini-mod that competes with vape pods. Today we are reviewing the Voopoo Drag Mini Platinum. It is not a mini-mod. The miniature Voopoo mod is the Baby. The Voopoo Drag Mini is a Voopoo Drag 2 with a built-in lithium polymer battery.



The Gene Chip


Voopoo mods manage to stand out in the hypercompetitive box mod market with blazing fast fire speeds and colorful designs. Starting with the original Voopoo Drag, a smash hit by every metric, Voopoo's propreitary Gene chip family has been huge selling point.


According to Voopoo, 15 months were spent developing the Gene chip, with 11 million chips mined for data and 161 types of tank tested for compatibility. Safety is another big selling point of the Gene, which is protected by a V0 class fireproofing bridge that protects the components from dust and liquid.


Voopoo Drag Family


Attempting to piggy back on the success of the original Drag, there is now an entire lineup of Drag branded products that cover a wide swathe of the vaping market.


We reviewed the Voopoo Drag Baby Trio, an adorable mini-pod that can deliver a wide range of vaping experiences. The flexibility is provided by a trio of cores to choose from, and the Gene Trio chip. But make no mistake. The Voopoo Drag Baby Trio kit is going head to head with refillable vape pod kits. The tank has proprietary threading, nothing else will fit on it. A true box mod it is not.


Voopoo Drag 2 Version 2?


The Voopoo Drag 2 is a very highly regarded device. As such, most of the critiques on this capable mod focus on minor quibbles. One was a battery ribbon that keeps the battery door from closing totally flush. Right off the bat, the Drag Mini addresses this issue because it has no battery door at all.



In terms of performance, the Voopoo Drag Mini slots in between the compact Voopoo Mojo, reviewed here, and the Voopoo Drag 2.


Voopoo Drag Mini Platinum Appearance


The innards of the Voopoo Drag Mini Platinum are the same as a regular Drag Mini. Photos do not do the Platinum series justice. It looks really sharp. All of the Voopoo mods have a hefty, high-end feel but the Platinum coating takes the design aesthetic to another level. It is a gorgeous device.



Voopoo Drag Mini Review


Quick disclaimer, the bold Voopoo Drag 2 is my daily driver. I love the Island color scheme, which reminds me of Monet’s Water Lilies with a dash of Edvard Munch’s The Scream. A full review of the Voopoo Drag 2 can be found here. Despite the overlap between the Drag 2 and Drag Mini, the Mini has usurped the role of everyday device. The lightness, slightly smaller size and gorgeous platinum look give it the nod.


Apart from the platinum livery, at a distance the Drag mini is almost indistinguishable from the Drag 2. Up close, the screen and controls are identical. I prefer it to my Drag 2. The differences are not huge, but they are tangible.


Voopoo calls the Drag Mini the most powerful pocket kit ever. I am not sure what criteria was used to make this judgment, but the Drag Mini is reliable, light and powerful.


Note that the weight listed on the graphic above shows the Drag Mini weighs MORE than the Drag 2. But the Drag 2 weight does not include the two 18650 batteries required to power the device. The Voopoo Drag Mini is all inclusive.


Add in about 45g per 18650 battery, and the Drag 2 clocks in at closer to 250g, which is almost a third more than the Drag Mini. This is a significant difference, and the Mini feels light without giving the impression of flimsiness.


The first generation Drag, perhaps the most successful mod ever due to the Gene chip, was saddled with a reputation for chipping. I have encountered no issues with my Drag 2.


There were also complaints about the battery door on the Drag 2, and the original Drag has a tighter fit. There is about a millimeter of play on the battery door if you manipulate it by hand.


The magnets on a Drag 2 are strong enough to prevent rattling or the door becoming loose. With a built in battery, the Drag Mini avoids that concern entirely.


Voopoo Drag Mini Performance


The Voopoo Drag Mini will provide very similar performance to a Drag 2 but in a slightly smaller and noticeably lighter package. If you like the Voopoo Drag 2, you will love this nearly identical mod.


The use of a built in battery is the biggest difference between the Drag Mini and the Drag 2. The mini does give up 60w of output at the top-end: 177w for the Drag 2 versus 117w for the Drag Mini.


Voopoo's other mod with a built in battery, the Voopoo Mojo, clocks in at 88w. The number of times I vape in a given week at even 117w is approximately zero, and this is not a hugely important number to me.


Battery size does matter. The Drag Mini has 4400mAh built in lithium polymer battery. This easily outstrips the Mojo’s 2600mAh power pack. But with two 18650 batteries, a standard Drag or Drag 2 is going to be bringing 5000mAh or more to table.


There are pros and cons to the built-in battery. The pro is that it is much more user friendly, and the Drag Mini charges quite quickly. This is a plus if you hate dragging about batteries or are annoyed with purpose built battery chargers.


Despite the improvement in chips, many vapers are wary of using USB cables to charge their 18650 mods. You don't have a lot of choice in the matter with Drag Mini. It is a lighter and hassle-free design.


One disadvantage of a built in battery is you cannot pitch a failing battery and replace it with a new one on the cheap. Check out our 18650 battery safety guide to familiarize yourself with basic battery handling protocol.  


The cryptically labeled "Fit" mode, screen and functions on the Drag Mini are identical to a Drag 2. Some critics have said they are unable to distinguish between the three Fit modes, but I can tell them apart when I use them consecutively.


Fit 3 mode is substantially louder and generates larger, denser clouds than Fit 1 and Fit 2 modes. Fit 1 has a noticeably slower power curve. These observations correlate with Voopoo's description of the three modes.


FIT 1: Battery Saving Mode


FIT 2: Maximum Flavor Mode


FIT 3: Maximum Clouds Mode


The Drag Mini provides the same laundry list of safety features and blistering ramp up speed. It even comes with the same tank.


UForce T2 Tank Performance


The Uforce T2 tank has a huge range of coils. The Drag Mini platinum comes with the Uforce P2 and Uforce N1. Both are single mesh coils. The P2 has a resistance of 0.6ohms and has a surprisingly restrictive design for a mod. Operating at 24-28w, you will get quite a few puffs off of a single charge.



The bulkier N1 has a resistance of 0.13ohms and works best between 70 and 80w. The airflow is easily adjusted, and the coils are screwed in. As tank designs seems to be derivative, expect a pop and play coil for next generation.



The tank has a top fill design, and large single port. You slide the top cap backwards to expose the opening. The tolerances are fairly tight, but there is the potential of bumping the tank open and spilling juice. I would have liked a child safety button, but this is not a deal breaker.


The flavor generated by both coils is solid. I am a fan of the P2 0.6 coil for the daily grind. The level of juice consumption is greatly reduced by the higher resistance. The vapor is cool and the flavor is spot on. The fire breathing N1 is a wide-open cloud , naturally, but the P2 really does strike a nice balance of efficiency and cloud production.


The Upshot


As a Drag 2 user, the Drag Mini kit has tremendous appeal. It is lighter, and the built in battery only has about 600mAh less than my current setup. It feels significantly lighter, and I never utilize the extra 60w of power the Drag 2.