Voopoo Mojo Kit Review

The Gift of Mojo

I am in a situation that is probably not unique to me. I try not to be the pushy vaping evangelist, but I have friends who smoke. A few of them have dabbled in vaping, admittedly enjoy it but they haven’t sworn off cigarettes for good. The Voopoo Mojo kit may be just what they need to make the jump into the world of vaping. The holidays are here and this is a perfect excuse to give a gift that will help the smokers in your life leave ash, smoke and soot behind for good. The Voopoo Mojo Kit checks all the boxes as a perfect gift. It has the subohm capabilities of a larger box mod, an attractive, classy appearance and is not so large as to inconvenience someone who is new to vaping. Before dropping a Mojo kit in a stocking, make sure you consider all of the implications of giving a vaping mod as a gift. Our “Giving the Gift of Vaping to a Smoker” is discusses all of these factors in detail and will help you make an informed decision.

Meet the Mojo

The Voopoo Mojo Kit is a great gift idea if you are looking for a compact, hassle free mod. It also is a great device if you are looking a small and colorful mod for personal use. Like its larger stablemate the Voopoo Drag 2, the brain of the Mojo is the cutting-edge Gene chip. Voopoo has made a name for themselves in the vaping industry based on the millisecond fire time, safety and performance that these chips provide. If you are interested in harnessing the power of the Gene chip but are looking for a larger, box mod make sure you check out our complete Voopoo Drag 2 review.

Voopoo Mojo Overview

The Voopoo Mojo is a sturdy zinc alloy mod and is available in several attractive colors. Easily fitting in the palm of your hand, it just feels high-quality and durable. Its sleek look, weight, and bright color finish adds to the Mojo’s impact as a meaningful gift. The Mojo’s appeal is more than skin deep. A full range of temperature and power control functions are packed into this small but surprisingly hefty device. These are easily accessed via the menu, located just below the fire button. More on the fire button’s positioning later. The Mojo is powered by a 2600mAH lithium polymer battery. The built in battery is a big part of its appeal, at least to someone new to vaping. No need for a separate battery charger, battery swaps or additional gear. This is a no fuss, no muss device. The Voopoo Mojo kit includes everything you need to begin the total vaping experience. Just charge up, fill up and go. The Mojo kit includes the Uforce sub Tank, 2 coils, a replacement glass and a micro USB charger. The 0.4Ω U2 Uforce coils offer a pretty solid blend of flavor and power. They are rated for 40-80w, and work best between 55-65w. With the Mojo topping out at 88w, this is a logical combo of subtank and mod. In my experience, 0.4Ω strikes a solid compromise between cloud size and efficiency. You don’t want to deter the new vaper by hooking them up with a real e-juice guzzler on the first go round.

Gene Chip

Like its more powerful sibling the Voopoo Drag 2, the Voopoo Mojo uses a Gene chip. These are the fastest firing chips on the market. The Gene Fan chip in the Mojo fires in just 10 milliseconds. On paper, this is actually a smidge faster than the 25 milliseconds listed for the Drag 2 and its Gene Fit chip. In practical terms, both mods are operating at the sharp end of the performance pyramid and the difference in negligible. Both the Drag and Mojo are lightning fast but when tested head to head, I thought the Drag 2 actually seemed to be a bit quicker. This may be attributable to the Drag 2 using lithium ion batteries but in both cases, you are talking about a device that fires so fast that you can’t dilly dally when performing the 5 clicks to lock, lest the device generate a final tiny puff before shutting down.

Firing Up the Voopoo Mojo

It is impossible to miss the two metallic silver buttons on the Voopoo Mojo. You might think these are fire buttons, but they are the plus and minus buttons for power and are also used to navigate the menus. The actual fire button is center mounted above the OLED screen and between the two metal buttons. The shiny side buttons may seem more logical triggers but once you handle the device, the ergonomic advantages of the centrally placed fire button become evident. The menu is easy to navigate and switching between modes is easy. Apart from not being able to swap out batteries, there is little difference in functionality between the Mojo and its 18650 battery powered brethren. The Mojo has a full array of safety features. These include:

  1. Output over-current protection
  2. Overcharge protection
  3. Over discharge protection
  4. Short circuit protection
  5. Vaping overtime protection
  6. Over-temperature protection

The Gene Fan chip has a V0 class fire protection bridge. The V0 categorization is applied to materials that are the most difficult burn. The Gene Fan also has an integrated “juice-block” structure to protect the components from damage. The Gene family of chips boast an enviable record of reliability. These are stable and durable chips. The LiPo battery itself can be viewed as a safety feature as well. They are less likely to leak that Lithium Ion batteries and not prone to combustion and venting. You should still treat your Mojo with due care, but the full checklist of 18650 battery safety practices simply don’t apply to a LiPo battery that can’t be removed from the device.

Uforce Tank

Representing Voopoo’s first major foray into the competitive subtank arena, the Uforce features organic cotton coil (OCC) heads. There are coil several designs and resistances to choose from. The Mojo kit comes with two 0.4Ω dual coils that work best between 55-65w. These are proprietary designs and you won’t be able to swap in coils from a different tank. As far as resistances, you probably don’t need a lower resistance than 0.4Ωs for your Mojo. The maximum output on the Mojo is capped at 88w and ultra-low resistance coils can make quick work of the 2600mAh LiPo battery. The Mojo charges supports 2A fast charging, an important feature on a device where you can’t swap in fresh batteries. From empty to topped off, Voopoo says it should take only 90 minutes to charge the Mojo’s battery pack. A nice touch on this tank, especially for beginners, is the “min” line. In the event that this is abbreviation for “minimum” remains unclear, they also labeled the min line with a liquid drop hieroglyph. Tank filling may be second nature to the experienced vaper but there is nothing more disheartening to an initiate than a prematurely burned out coil delivering dry hits. Little touches like this make this a great starter kit. The Uforce also has a shorter air outlet path and narrower air inlet path than competing tanks. Voopoo says that this design facilitates the discharge of heat and allows you to enjoy larger clouds without burning your mouth. I do not burn my mouth on a regular basis, so I will have to take their word for it. But I will say that I really enjoy this tank and it is a rock solid design. Conclusion The Voopoo Mojo kit provides plenty of performance, and as a “plug and play” kit easily provides an outstanding subohm vaping experience straight out of the box. From the wide, adjustable airports to the intuitive menu, it is a great device to initiate that special someone into the world of subohm mods. The peak power of 88w and built in battery may deter some serious users, but the Uforce tank strikes a solid balance of cloud chasing and battery life. But if you are looking for a bit more juice to burn through the juice, the 177w, dual battery Voopoo Drag 2 might be more your speed.