Voopoo Vinci R versus Suorin Elite versus Smok Nord 2

If you live in a state without additional restrictions on the ejuice flavors that adults prefer, the federal ban on flavored prefilled vape pods was not the end of the road. You in fact have two great options. There are disposable ecigs, which deliver fantastic flavor and require no filling or charging. But the best price performer and the option that saves you the most money is to use a refillable device and buy your own bottled ejuice.

Refillable Vape Pod Kits



Vaping technology seems to be going in circles with refillable devices. What started as cigalikes and ecigs gradually morphed into bigger and bigger devices. The apogee of this trend was the powerful subohm box mods which generated massive clouds and used lower nicotine ejuices. The popularity of prefilled vape pods led to a number of refillable vape pod kits optimized for vaping nic salts eliquids. Gradually, what had been small autodraw devices began to increase in size and power.



Today, there are a number of vape pods with 40watts of power or more that are just as capable of handling the thicker high-VG ejuices that box mods thrived on as potent nic salts. The main difference, proprietary pod designs instead of a standardized 510 threading that allowed the cross compatibility of vape tanks.


Another change in vape pods is that instead of vape pods that are tossed when the coil gets burnt out, larger and swappable coil designs are now used in many refillable vape pod kits. Much like the proprietary pods, only the actual band name coils will work in these “All-In-One” vape pods. What this means is that your favorite device will be largely a function of said coils. Especially with the level of technological parity on the market, the best vape pod for you will probably be determined by something as subjective as flavor or how you feel about the shape and weight.



With this in mind, it is time to take a close look at three top-notch vape pod kits. All top out at 40watts and are extremely compact. The Vinci R may work a bit stiff for a nic salt buy the Nord 2 and Suorin Elite are perfect for more potent ejuices, provided you get the higher resistance coils.


Smok Nord 2



The Smok Nord 2 is the long await heir to the original Smok Nord. The Nord was a popular and groundbreaking button fired vape pod kit. It was also one of the first vape pods with swappable coils. The Nord coils themselves were such a huge hit that Smok used them in a number of other devices. One of these devices is the Smok Nord 2 itself. Although fully modernized, your same favorite Nord coils are compatible with the Nord 2. Smok also adopted this winning concept with the Smok Novo 2, which works with the OG Smok Novo coils.



The Smok Nord 2 has a 1500mAh battery, which is significantly larger than the original Nord. It also matches the size of the Vinci R and significantly larger than the Suorin Elite’s 1100mAH battery. The Nord 0.6ohm coil has reached close to legendary status but to compete in the world of vape pods in 2020, bigger coils are needed. This is why the Nord 2 comes with two pods. One is compatible with the old Nord coils and the other with RPM coils. The ejuice capacity is 4.5ml, which is substantial although less than the Vinci’s 5.5ml.



The Smok Nord 2 kit is sold with 0.4ohm mesh RPM coil that is ideal for thick ejuices and generates massive flavor and clouds. It takes full advantage of the Nord 2’s 40w output and adjustable wattage. Although the Nord 2 makes a great replacement for the previous generation Nord, it has enough power features and coil selection to remain near the front of the class.  


Voopoo Vinci R



The naming convention of the Voopoo Vinci R is a bit confusing. The original Voopoo Vinci is actually the upscale version, complete with display and wattage adjustment buttons. Beloved, critically acclaimed and one of the best pieces of vape hardware to come out in years, the Vinci R is only pared down in areas that will not impact the vaping experience. The Vinci R has the same sophisticated Gene.AI chip that, adjustable airflow, coil selection, output and option to switch between autodraw and manual mode. The difference is that the Vinci R does not have the colorful display and it does not have wattage adjustments.



It is not that you are without power options. There are three presets: 3.2, 3.5 and 3.8volts. Compatible with all of the Voopoo PnP coils, the same coils used in the Voopoo Drag Baby Trio, the kit comes with the 0.3 and 0.8ohm coils. The Voopoo PnP R1 Coil is a 0.8 ohm regular coil that delivers more of a hit with better cloud production. The 0.3ohm PnP M2 is a single mesh coil designed for high VG ejuices and cloud production. There is also 1.2ohm Voopoo PNP C1 coil that works great for nic salts.



The performance of the Vinci R is basically bullet proof. It can deliver whatever vaping experience you are looking for in a compact device. The massive 5.1ml ejuice tank allows you to crank up the wattage with lower nicotine juices and not run the tank dry. Switch to the 1.2ohm coil for nic salts and you can get days of vaping from each charge of the 1500mAh battery and fill. The Gene.AI chip provides fantastic safety features, lightning fast fire speeds and great performance no matter how much life is left in the battery. It is probably has more processing power than is strictly necessary in a device of this size but there is no arguing with the fantastic results.


The lack of a display may be a drawback to anyone looking for a puff counter or to fiddle with wattage settings but does not detract from everyday use. You should be able to find a sweet spot with the combination of three power settings, adjustable air flow, multiple coil options and the option to switch from autodraw to manual fire and back.


Suorin Elite



Three vape pod kits and three totally different form factors. The Suorin Elite may be going toe-to-toe with the Nord 2 and Vinci R, but its shape recalls several other rivals. The Lost Vape Orion DNA Go heavily influenced the look of the Suorin Elite. The DNA Go’s small boxy chassis with the smokestack mouthpiece proved to be such a hit it spawned a number lower-priced imitators. The Smok Trinity Alpha is probably the best known of these. Before asking why the comparison wasn’t made between these contenders, the Suorin Elite is significantly newer and the Trinity Alpha is only compatible with Nord Coils.


A much more apt comparison would be the Lost Vape Orion Q Pro, a lower priced version the DNA Go which has swappable coils, higher wattage and is compatible with every coil and pod combination that Lost Vape makes. We pitted the Lost Vape Orion Q Pro versus the Suorin Reno in a head-to-head comparison where it scored the Lost Vape veteran clean pin fall. The new Elite fares much better when pitted head to head.



Today though, the Suorin Elite is being pitted against larger competition. The 1100mAh battery does give up a bit of size when compared to the Nord 2 and Vinci. But the Elite is the smaller device. The most powerful of the new generation of Suorin Vape Pod kits, the Suorin Elite has a nice and easily readable screen, complete with a fully functional menu and button navigation. Most importantly, it has swappable coils. The Suorin Elite also has a smaller pod, with an ejuice capacity of 3.1ml versus 5.5ml for the Vinci R and 4.5ml for the Nord. But it does have a screen and wattage adjustment, which the Vinci R lacks.


Suorin only recently began to rely on vape pod kits with swappable coils. The Suorin Air and Suorin Air Plus require the removal and disposal of the entire pod. The Elite’s design allows for larger coils and superior vapor production when compared to its stable mates that now include the Suorin Reno and Shine.


The package the Suorin Elite vape pod and the new Elite Coils provide the best and most versatile vaping experience that Suorin has ever offered. Certainly, the Elite should be seriously considered if you are looking at the Smok Trinity Alpha or any Lost Vape Orion. But it has enough flavor and vapor chops to belong in this comparison as well. The 0.4ohm mesh coil handles high-VG ejuices with aplomb and the 1.0ohm coil is a great way to enjoy nic salts. If you prefer this form factor, it is certainly not a step down from the Vinci or the Nord 2.


But at the end of the day, it comes down the coils you like best and the form factor you are most comfortable with.