Vuse Alto Available in 1.8 and 2.4% Nic Strength

The Vuse Alto is one of the best prefilled vape pod kits on the market. A great value with four tremendous nic salt flavors, it fared very well when it tested cases in our Juul vs Vuse Alto showdown. With big 1.8ml pods that are sold in 2 packs, the Vuse Alto costs less than half as much to vape than a Juul. But one drawback has been the lack of nicotine strength options, until now. The Vuse Alto now comes in 2.4 and 5 percent nic strength.

In many ways the Vuse is the perfected prefilled vape pod. With a lower resistance coil and a battery nearly twice as large, it delivers a very robust and satisfying vaping experience. It makes a perfect starter kit, is ideal for heavy smokers and has enough quality flavor for avid nic salt vapers to really enjoy. The addition of a second nic strength is a huge bonus.

Another feature is the Vuse’s QuietDraw technology. This thing is basically silent. A big feature if you are just getting a quick puff on break and don’t want to deal with the crack and hiss of a powerful box mod.

Vuse Alto Nicotine Strength

The Vuse Alto nicotine strength was 5 percent when launched. This is fine for heavy smokers, but not ideal for anyone looking to reduce nic levels. We place a priority on this approach at Vapor4Life, and offer nicotine free Juul compatible pods from Ziip. The Vuse Alto does not go this far, but they now come in both 2.4% and 5% nic strength.

To add even more flexibility, there is now a 1.8 percent nic strength options available for the Vuse Alto as well.

Vuse Alto Flavors

RJ Reynolds, the maker of the Vuse, know tobacco. Not surprisingly, the Vuse Alto’s lineup of flavors reflects this background. One of the best Vuse Alto flavors was Mixed Berry. Unfortunately, a ban on prefilled vape pod flavors knocked this great option off the market.

Although the vast majority of adult vapers and ex-smokers who vape prefer bright and vibrant fruit and dessert flavored e-liquids, as demonstrated in an exhaustive study conducted by Dr. Farsalino, this style of vape flavors are under siege from nine figure campaigns and remain in the cross hairs of one Michael Bloomberg.

Vuse Alto Original

Vuse Alto Original Tobacco is now known as Golden Tobacco. It remains a traditional tobacco flavor and Vuse Original Tobacco delivers a familiar flavor that heavy smokers are bound to appreciate. But without the ash and smoke, it is a great transition point as well. It never strays too far into the coffee-esque realm that some tobacco ejuices do, but it is a slightly sweeter tobacco. This flavor really benefits from the 2.4 percent nic strength option because it is the milder of the two classic tobaccos. It is a flavor that is competitive with the wide range of tobacco e-juices on the market.

Vuse Alto Golden Tobacco

RJ Reynolds knows tobacco and Vuse Alto Golden Tobacco is all the truth you need. This is their signature tobacco flavor and delivers the exact authentic flavor that ex-smokers are looking for. Golden Tobacco was formerly known as Vuse Alto Original. The name has changed but nothing else. This smooth tobacco nic salt works perfectly with the Vuse Alto vape pod kit. Each Golden Tobacco pod contains 1.8ml of ejuice, which is over twice as large as a Juul pod. With smart draw technology, every Golden Tobacco hit is just golden.

Vuse Alto Rich Tobacco

Is it any surprise that RJ Reynolds combustible cigarette alternative has two fantastic tobacco flavors. Vuse Rich Tobacco has sturdier and heartier flavor than Vuse Original. This is a robust flavor and quite authentic. The depth and richness of the Vuse Rich Tobacco was a bit much for me at 5 percent nic strength, but the 2.4 percent option is something I am looking forward to.

Vuse Alto Mixed Berry

Easily my favorite flavor, Vuse Alto Mixed Berry is a jammy and delightful flavor with a strong nic salt kick. It also is no longer available for sale in the United States. Check out our feature on the Best Vuse Alto Mixed Berry Alternatives if you are an adult vaper who is looking for a reasonable facsimile of this fantastic and satisfying flavor.

The Vuse Alto does not come in mango yet, quite an oversight in the vape pod world. But Mixed Berry really fits the bill and I actually prefer the flavor profile of mixed berries to mango. There are layers of sweet and nectary flavors here. The tartness and complexity of the fruits are easily distinguished. Obviously, mango remains a popular flavor and Vuse will probably remedy this issue at some point. Vuse Mixed Berry is the most natural candidate for a lower nic option, as a fruit vape juice, it appeals long time adult vapers. Until then, check out our feature on the best Juul mango alternatives.

Vuse Alto Menthol

The final member of the Vuse Alto starting lineup is Vuse Menthol. Do not be confused by the naming convention. When sold in 2.4 percent form, it is called Vuse Alto Mint.

Whether it is called Mint or Menthol, this is a top notch nic salt. RJ Reynolds has the tobacco inspired vape juice thing nailed down tight. This is spearminty fresh flavor, which is milder than menthol or peppermint, but just as cooling. A refreshing draw, menthol smokers will love the unadulterated taste of this solid vape juice. The menthol nic salt space is a crowded one. But RJ Reynolds hit a home run with Vuse Menthol. It has the flavor to compete with the best menthol ejuice around. Available at 2.4 and 5 percent nic strength, it is a great option.