Vuse Vibe Review

The Vuse Vibe was hit hard by the federal ban on prefilled pods and cartridges. A once stacked lineup of flavors has been pared down to just tobacco and menthol options. Popular hits like Vuse Vibe Nectar and Vuse Vibe Melon are no longer available.

For information on your options, check out the following features:

Best Vuse Vibe Nectar Alternatives

Best Vuse Vibe Alternatives

The Vuse Vibe didn't use nic salts and was pretty clearly marketed to smokers but it paid a heavy price when the federal government dropped the vape flavor ban. Although not a vape pod kit, all of the Vuse Vibe flavors that were not tobacco or menthol got banned.

Check out our feature on the best Vuse Vibe Alternatives if you are looking for the Vuse Vibe flavors that most adults preferred in an authentic and easy to vape starter kit.

Disposable ECigs

Unfortunately, the strong Vuse Vibe flavor lineup has been completely upended by the federal flavor ban, leaving only tobacco and menthol options.

If you are searching for an easy to use device which is compact and requires no filling, check out disposable vapes. Not all disposables are jacked to the gills with potent nic salts. The Zaero Disposable comes in four nic strengths: 0, 1.8. 3.0 and 5.0 percent strength. Select Puff Bar flavors are available in 2 percent strength, quite comparable to the Vuse Vibe. Cali Bars also come in 2 percent strength.

Vuse Vibe Review

The Vuse Vibe is a bit of a throwback. Unlike its stablemate the Vuse Alto, reviewed here in our Juul vs. Vuse Alto showdown, it is not a prefilled vape pod kit.  The Vuse Alto instead mimics the form factor of the classic eGo e-cigarettes and relies on a prefilled tank which is affixed to the stick battery.

For long-time vapers, there may be a temptation to dismiss the Vuse Vibe as a convenience store vape. But this is a device with plenty of merit.


If one word comes to mind when you see a Vuse Vibe it is ecig. With a cylindrical shape and mouthpiece that flares smoothly outwards, it is a comfortable and easy to vape design. From the stick battery power pack to the cartomizer inspired prefilled tank, anyone who was vaping before 2014 remembers when this style of ecig was standard issue.

The Vuse Vibe’s stock in trade is ease of use. A huge portion of Vibe sales occur at convenience stores and gas stations. Beginner vapers are the target, and all that is required is screwing the prefilled cartridge into place and inhaling. There are no buttons to mess with. In theory, the battery even arrives topped off and the Vibe comes with a charger cable. Everything you need is in the box.

With a stick battery body and classic autodraw threading, Vuse Vibe may resemble a refillable cartomizer, apart from the distinct Vuse labeling and color scheme, but each cartridge is single use.

Each Vuse Vibe cartridge holds 1.9 ml of ejuice, which is 3 percent strength. This is a step down in potency from the 5 percent Vuse Alto pods, although a bit stronger than the Alto’s 2.4 percent nicotine formula. The battery life is solid, 600mAh, and the bigger battery gives the vibe a high-quality heft and feel.

Vaping the Vuse Vibe

The amount of vapor generated by a Vuse Vibe feels roughly equivalent to the amount of smoke generated by a cigarette. This may be an illusion, but the result is a very authentic experience. The Vuse Vibe delivers a solid mouth to lung hit.

It fills an important niche as a starter kit and performs well enough for veteran vapers to enjoy. Another feature of the vibe is that it works like clockwork. This is a device designed to appeal to heavy smokers looking to make the switch to vaping. It is basically foolproof, delivering consistent hits from top to bottom. Even chain vaping does not throw the Vibe off its game.

You would have to vape harder than I am willing to if you want overly hot vapor. If for reasons unclear, you want to burn the coil before the 1.9ml of ejuice are drained from the tank, good luck. Even with a 7 second cut-off, this won’t be easy.

The Vuse Vibe is consumer friendly technology at its finest and a great introduction into the world of vaping. It has a very draw and generates more than enough vapor and flavor for this purpose.

Vuse Vibe Flavors

All of the Vuse flavors use a proprietary line of V-Liquid®. The flavors are not identical to the Alto but there is some overlap. Especially after vaping the 5 percent Vuse Alto pod, you notice the lighter flavor and kick of the Vuse Vibe. But 3 percent nicotine is far from weak and the Vibe has enough get up and go to serve as a great smoke and ash free alternative to cigarettes.

Apart from being a bit milder than the Alto, you will find that the Vuse Vibe flavor lineup is actually pretty darn good. This is an Reynolds products and the target audience is current smokers. It is not surprising that there are a couple of excellent tobacco flavors.

The Vibe is also blatant about its express purpose of mimicking the smoking experience. Veteran vapers will recognize the mouth to lung draw, but to a smoker it will just seem satisfying and taut. You won’t get the strong nic hit of the Alto but the still Vibe still performs as advertised as a smoking alternative. Now it is time for a run-down of your Vuse Vibe flavor options.

Vuse Vibe Original

Vuse Vibe Original is a classic tobacco ejuice. With rich and authentic flavor tones, it really delivers as advertised. Tobacco vapes aren’t my jam, I wouldn’t say the Vibe converted me to switch allegiances from fruity vapes but I thoroughly enjoyed Original when travelling over labor day. The earthy tobacco flavor has a hint of sweetness and is relatively mild.

Vuse Vibe Menthol

Vuse Vibe Menthol was the original Vuse Vibe foray into the world of icy vapes. It has a cooling throat hit and bold spearminty punch. This flavor is actually a bit stronger of a mint than Vuse Vibe Mint. Unlike Vuse Vibe Mint, menthol does not have a tobacco flavor. Confused yet? That is not a typo. Menthol is more of a flavor and has no tobacco. Mint has a tobacco kick that menthol lacks. The reason for this confusion is that Menthol came out first. It seems likely Vuse would swap names if they had a chance to do it over.

Vuse Vibe Mint

A casualty of the federal flavor ban, you can still enjoy mint vapes if you are willing to fill your own device or use a disposable vape, provided you do not live in a state with more restrictive laws.

If you love the chill of mint but want a pinch of tobacco, Vuse Vibe Mint is a great option. The coolness elevates the excellent tobacco formula that Vuse has concocted. If you are looking for a purer mint flavor, Vuse Vibe Menthol doesn’t have the swaggering tobacco tones that make Vuse Mint such a satisfying flavor.

Vuse Vibe Nectar

Best Vuse Vibe Nectar Alternatives

Vuse Vibe Nectar is an aptly named flavor. It has also been banned by the US federal government with all other flavored, prefilled pods and carts.

The honey base is sprinkled with delightfully complex fruit flavors. Apple and strawberry are the most easily distinguished flavors in this sweet medley. They complement each other perfectly and add a surprising level of complexity to each inhale.

Vuse Vibe Fusion

Vuse Nectar has a foundation of honey. But the rug has been pulled out from under this flavor by the federal flavor ban.

Vuse Vibe Fusion is a creamier vape with a heavier emphasis of fruit. This is a surprisingly dense flavor and a great entrée into the world of fruit and cream vapes. There is a lot of complexity here. The flavor is a bit wispier than some higher VG formulas, but it is still bold enough to be satisfying. There is even a bit of citrus in here to balance the sweetness and the cream gives a depth to each inhale.

Vuse Melon

Sadly, Vuse Melon has been barred by the US Government, as have all flavored vape pods and cartridges.

eWhy are melon vapes so good? As someone who is utterly annoyed by the lappearance of honeydew in a fruit salad, it seems a bit odd that I would find honeydew vape juices so alluring. Vuse Vibe Melon has really captured the ripe melon flavor and the cantaloupe notes add a floral complexity that you may not expect from a pen vape.

Vuse Vibe Tropical

Another flavor ban casualty, check out our disposable vapes and ejuices for Vuse Vibe Tropical Alternatives.

The RJ Reynolds roots of Vuse are nowhere to be found in Vuse Vibe Tropical. This is their purest fruit flavor. Coconut is there to add creaminess, but the tart and sweet pineapple, kiwi and mango steal the show. Despite all the flavors, there is a natural synergy and the inhale is not overly crowded with competing flavors. There is a pulpy and jammy exhale that is extremely satisfying. Not overly floral, this is a mild fruit vape that can be enjoyed all day.

Vuse Alto

If you are a fan of the Vuse Vibe and its flavors, the most natural alternative is the Vuse Alto. Until recently, the nic salt fueled Vuse Alto was a significant step up in potency. But Vuse recently launched a line of 2.4 percent nic strength Alto pods. The Alto 2.4 percent nic strength pods are reviewed here.

The Vuse Alto is a bit more flavorful than the Vibe, although it has a far smaller selection of options. Personal preference on form factor will play a major role in determining which you prefer, although the Vibe is the more economical option. A 2 pack of Alto pods contains 3.6ml of ejuice, where the Vibe 2 pack contains 4ml and is a bit less expensive.