Vuse Vibe versus Logic Pro

Vuse Vibe versus Logic Pro

Previously, we have compared the cigalike Blu Plus+ to the Logic Pro. This was a useful comparison for smokers looking to switch to vaping. It compared a couple of widely available prefilled ecigs which provide a similar mouth-to-lung vaping experience but have entirely difference form factors.

But if you want to compare apples to apples, the more logical matchup pits the Logic Pro against the Vuse Vibe.

Familiar Design

Both the Logic Pro and Vuse Vibe will look familiar to veteran vapers. You don’t have to squint too hard to see a pair of devices that look an awful like Kanger eVod Clearomizer but one that is prefilled with eliquid. This style of device was a breakthrough when they first supplanted cigalikes. It is a style of device that remains popular with heavy smokers due to the great flavor produced.

The Vapor Zeus is at the leading edge of ecig performance. If you are looking for a refillable, cost-effective and higher performance Vuse Vibe or Logic Pro alternative, the Vapor Zeus is a perfect option.


Prefilled Ecigs

The Vuse Vibe and Logic Pro are prefilled with eliquid. This makes them “closed” systems and is actually a huge deal and the defining trait of both designs. The federal flavor ban bars all flavors but menthol and tobacco from prefilled vape pods, cartomizers and tanks.

If you want one of the sweeter flavors that most adults prefer, you will have to look elsewhere.

But there is an advantage to prefilled ecigs: ease of use. It turns out that most adult vapers and smokers looking to switch to vaping are primarily looking for an easy to use device that doesn’t leak, tastes great and is satisfying to use. Something you can tote everywhere, has a decent battery life and requires no more inputs than occasional charging and the swapping of an already filled tank.

But what about actual performance? How do these prefilled ecigs compare to one another.


Technical Specifications

Category Logic Pro Vuse Vibe
Style Vape Capsule  
Ejuice Capacity 1.5ml 2ml
Flavors Tobacco, Menthol Tobacco. Menthol
Nic Salt Flavors 0 0
Nic Strengths 2% 3%
Battery 650mAh 350mAh

While they share a superficial resemblance, the Vuse Vibe and Logic Pro are not clones. Consider how you change eliquids on the respective devices. With the Vuse Vibe, the whole tank is swapped out. With the Logic Pro, there is a smart capsule that snaps inside the reusable mouthpiece.

The entire mouthpiece of the Vuse Vibe is replaced when empty but the Logic Pro uses replacement capsules that are fitted into the mouth piece. We have a graphic for how to “fill” a Logic Pro below.

In both cases, there is no bottle of eliquid required. When it comes to battery life. The Logic Pro is significantly larger with a 650mAh battery versus 350mAh for the Vuse Vibe. The Logic Pro also has a higher eliquid capacity: 2ml versus 1.5ml. Refills for both the Logic Pro Smart Capsule and Vuse Vibe Tanks are sold in packs of two. The ohm resistance is comparable and so is the vapor production.

Both are compact cylindrical devices and the difference in size is two minimal to make much of a difference. As far as nic strengths, the Vuse Vibe uses a stout 30mg/ml eliquid and the Logic Pro 20mg/ml. The more potent eliquid in the Vuse Vibe offsetting the size difference. A quick calculation, 2ml of 20mg/ml eliquid is less total nicotine than 1.5ml of 30mg/ml. It is not a huge difference in total nicotine but this does demonstrate the sheer volume is not always the best measure of ecig performance.

The Logic Pro is able to offset this lower nicotine strength with a lower resistance coil (2.4ohms) and greater vapor production. Of course, this approach requires more eliquid and battery power to generate the same number of puffs. Hence the larger eliquid capacity and battery. No matter how you look at it, the design priorities are slightly different but the underlying philosophy of both ecigs is very similar and the end result is a very even match-up.

These are mouth to lung (MTL) vape devices that are designed to mimic cigarette smoking. They have decent vapor production and a respectable throat hit at higher nic levels. Fans of classic cartomizers and ecigs will find much that is familiar and probably enjoy vaping both. While the aforementioned Kanger eVod had a bit lower resistance coils, much here will be familiar to fans of classic ecigs.


Logic Pro

Vaping the Logic Pro is incredibly easy and that is by design. The mouthpiece is a straight cylinder and is reusable. You simply swap in a new Logic Smart Capsule when the stalled pod is drained of eliquid. The vapor production is sturdy but not particularly warm. The 2 percent nic strength is comparable to low strength options of prefilled nic salt vape pods but the Logic Pro uses freebase nicotine. There is not much throat burn but it isn’t quite as smooth. Whether you view this as a feature or a bug will depend on your vaping preferences.

The menthol and the tobacco flavors are both rock solid, as they should be when the parent company is Japan Tobacco. Overall, the Logic Pro accomplishes its goal perfectly. The tobacco tastes like a cigarette. The menthol tastes like a menthol cigarette. There is a bit of authenticity in the throat hit but not enough to chase off someone looking for something a bit smoother.


Vuse Vibe

The Vuse Vibe is if anything even more intuitive that a Logic Pro. Refills consist of the whole mouthpiece. You unscrew the old one and pitch it. Then screw on a new one. Maybe a bit more wasteful but it is hard to argue with the ease of use.

The Vuse Vibe is slightly smaller than the Logic Pro, in terms of battery and eliquid capacity. But it makes up for this with a higher nic strength. If you are vaping at the sharp end of nic strength, this will more than compensate for the difference in vapor production and eliquid capacity. If you are looking for a lower nicotine option, the difference in eliquid volume and battery life will start to matter.