e liquids Users of electronic cigarettes and vapes tend to love the options that different flavored e liquids can give them. Because the vaping flavors for sale by e cig makers range from tobacco and menthol to flavors like chocolate or bubblegum, vaping enthusiasts can have a one of a kind experience with their e cigs and vapor pens. But a recent tragedy serves as a sobering reminder that these substances need to be kept away from children. On December 9 in Fort Plain, New York, a one-year-old toddler was brought to a nearby hospital after accidentally ingesting e liquid at home. Although paramedics tried to revive him, the child was pronounced dead that evening. The incident is the first ever accidental death from e liquid, likely brought on by the amount of nicotine in the child's system. As these e liquids become more widely available in more flavors than ever, it could be easier for children to get their hands on them. Even the most diligent parents turn their backs for a moment, so it's best to follow these three safety precautions to reduce the risk of an accidental ingestion or, in the worst case scenario, another tragedy from occurring.   1. Use a child-proof container. Many manufacturers are still making the switch to child-proof, so if possible, choose a type of e liquid that contains a child-proof bottle or packaging. If the product is in use, make sure that kids don't reach for it while the container is open. A child-proof container is just one step in keeping children safe. 2. Keep all vaping supplies out of reach of children. As all parents know, it's easy for small children to get into things they aren't supposed to if an item is left within reach. The same goes for e liquid. When not using the refill bottle or replacement vapor cartridges, make sure to keep the products on a high shelf or out of sight in a cabinet. 3. Switch to nicotine-free e liquids. Did you know that e liquid is available with any concentration of nicotine you choose? If you haven't already, try to wean yourself from nicotine, so you can choose a low-concentration mix or one that's completely free of nicotine altogether. With the latter option, children who ingest the liquid accidentally will not risk exposure to or overdose on this substance. How do you keep your children safe around your vaping supplies? Tell us about what you currently do -- or how you plan to make changes around the house -- in the comments.