stress free vaping For many smokers, lighting up a cigarette and puffing away is easy. What they often don't take into account is that smoking can have serious health consequences. They may have thought about switching to vaping, or using an electronic cigarette, but considered it to be too difficult to use. After all, it is true that tobacco cigarettes don't need charging or refills, but as it turns out, there are easier ways to vape.   For those who are new to vaping or looking for some fresh alternatives, here are three reasons why disposable electronic cigarettes and cartridges can deliver a simplified and stress-free vaping experience:  

Ready to go right away.

Rechargeable electronic cigarettes must be charged in a USB port or wall charger before they are used for the first time -- sometimes up to several hours. While these e cigs have considerably long battery life when kept properly charged and maintained, this can be too much downtime for someone who wants to get started ASAP. Disposable electronic cigarettes are ready for use right out of the box and won't require any intensive steps before use. Similarly, for those who prefer rechargeable devices but don't want any headaches, there are e cigs that allow users to swap out vapor cartridges for simple use.  

No mess, no fuss.

With disposable electronic cigarettes, there is no e liquid to refill from time to time. All vapers have to do is choose the type of disposable e cigs they would like, and they don't have to worry about how or when they can vape. For those who would like more choice with their e cigs, however, there is also the option of using disposable vapor cartridges, which can easily be swapped out of rechargeable devices.  

Same great variety.

Most commonly, disposable e cigs come in tobacco and menthol flavors to deliver an experience most similar to cigarette smoking. This is especially useful for new vapers, who may miss the "throat hit" of a cigarette. There is, however, another option that exists for users who want more choices than tobacco and menthol. Disposables cartridges have far more flavors: they have all the different vaping flavors that e liquid refills have to offer. Anything from bubblegum to watermelon to coffee is available for disposable e cig users. Even the devices themselves can be bought in almost all colors of the rainbow for a truly one of a kind vaping experience.   Want to know more about the benefits of simplifying your vaping experience? Leave a comment below.