We Want You to Quit Vaping

We Want You to Quit Vaping

Zaero Disposable Vape

Update: Juul compatible pods and Juul Mango, Fruit Medley, Cucumber or Crème are no longer available on the US market.

If you are looking for nic salt device with multiple nicotine strengths, make sure you check out the Zaero Disposable Vape. It comes in four nicotine strengths and has a variety of unique flavors. There is a 5 percent nicotine strength for heavy smokers, a more moderate 3 percent nic strength, a smooth 1.8 percent and a nic free option as well.

Flavor Bans

With public sentiment against vaping reaching a fever pitch, it is important that we lay our cards out on the table.

Vapor4Life wants to help smokers switch to vaping. But that is only part of our vision. Our other goal is to help vapers eventually give up nicotine as well and embrace a nicotine-free lifestyle. We call this the road to zero.

Promoting lower nicotine levels has always been our goal. There is a reason why our Wow and Premium ejuices and prefilled Vapor Titan cartridges come in seven nicotine strengths, including zero.

Almost all of the classic ejuices we carry also have a zero nicotine option. Due to recent events, zero nicotine ejuices now serve another purpose. With the Michigan flavor ban, these are the only non-tobacco ejuices allowed in that state.

View Vape Ban Laws By State

The Vapor Zeus was developed to mimic the smoking experience, and we have never had any interest in targeting either minors or non-smokers as customers. The Vapor Titan takes it a step further. It resembles an actual cigarette. Both are great for mouth to lung vaping and ideal for our ejuices, which all come in seven nicotine strengths.

We realize that we will lose zero nicotine vapers as customers at some point. But this is a price we were willing to pay. There is no shortage of smokers out there who have yet to make the jump to vaping, and any one who completes the road to zero is a great success story.

Nicotine Free Vape Pods

Juul and their rival the Vuse Alto do not offer the nicotine strength flexibility that refillable device users have long enjoyed. Prefilled pods are a convenient and popular way to vape, check out our Juul vs. Vuse Alto for a head to head comparison of these popular vape pod kits. But for all their convenience and merits, they only have two nicotine strengths.

Vuse recently added 2.4% nic strength pods to their lineup, reviewed here, to go along with their standard 5 percent. Juul offers a 3 percent nic strength to complement their flagship 5 percent strength nic salt formula.

For the full story on nic salts and Juul, make sure you read this information packed feature: The Truth and Technology Behind Juul and Nic Salts Revealed.

To provide our customers with a full range of nic strength options, including zero, and give Juul users the same flexibility that other vapers have long enjoyed, we have launched a line of zero nicotine Juul compatible Ziip pods. Included in this lineup are the most popular Ziip Pod flavors, reviewed here.

The average nicotine strength purchased by our long term customers has declined over the years. We take pride in this fact and identified that the major weakness of the prefilled pod system is that there is no off ramp or road to zero.

Nic salts cross the blood brain barrier more quickly, and with a lower pH level, they can be used in far higher quantities in an ejuice. This is perfect if you are designing a compact device. But there is no reason that lower nicotine and zero nicotine vape pods should not be made available nic salt vapers, and this is an oversight that needed to be addressed.

Best Tobacco Ejuices

Vapor4Life offers a huge range of tobacco flavors, because these are often preferred by the heaviest smokers and individuals new to vaping. As with all of our Wow and Premium ejuices, the absolute nicotine level ceiling is 3.6 percent.

Our vape juices with lower nicotine levels are far more popular. We have always recommend that anyone who was not smoking multiple packs of cigarettes daily should steer clear of the 3.6% vape juice and look at a lower nic level. This statement is not revisionist history. Back in 2015, we provided this guide to choosing nicotine strengths.

We have found that many of our most loyal customers start on tobacco flavors but soon transfer over to non-tobacco ejuices. There are a number of reasons for this switch. The most common feedback that we receive is that tobacco flavors remind our customers of a habit they are leaving behind. Another frequent comment is that as their sense of taste and smell return, the desire for tobacco flavor rapidly decreases.

Vaping Lung Disease

Unfortunately, a vaping hysteria is sweeping the nation. The careless reporting of vaping lung disease has led to ill-conceived flavor bans in a number of states. The cause of vaping lung disease has been more or less pinned down.

But the combination of the teen vaping epidemic and an outbreak of lung disease, which has been tentatively tied in almost all cases to THC cartridges laden with a vitamin E thickener, has resulted in a number of statewide flavor bans.

Our Wow and Premium vape juices contain no THC or vitamin E based thickeners. This seems like a pointless disclaimer, but the media has consistently conflated commercially available nicotine products and black market THC cartridges.

Flavor Bans

The fruit flavor fallacy is the misguided belief that sweet fruit and dessert flavors have been formulated to hook kids on nicotine and are inherently kid-friendly. This trope flies in the face of science and market share. Juul Mint is the most popular flavor with minors. A survey of 69,000 vapers by Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos determined that the majority of adults prefer fruit and dessert flavors.

Despite these facts, Michigan, New York, and Massachusetts have all implemented severe restrictions on vaping and vaping flavors. We have created a resource page that lists vape bans by state.

Click here to view vape bans by state. If you are in an area that no longer permits flavors, we have created guides to tobacco flavored ejuices.

Vaping Flavors

The national fixation on vaping flavors has crossed the threshold from anti-vaping misinformation to insanity. An important fact to consider is this: the most fanciful sounding vape flavors are generally high VG juices. Most minors are vaping nic salts from prefilled pods. There are few exceptions in the Juul compatible pod universe but a quick perusal of any vape shop's website reveals that the overwhelming majority of the most complex and sweet flavors are to be found in the realm of high VG, low nicotine ejuices.

These high VG juices are designed for the style of vaping device least conducive to underage vaping: the box mod.

Large, loud and thirsty, box mods generate a tremendous amount of vapor, burn through ejuice at an alarming rate and work best with extremely low nicotine levels. But this fact has been lost in the widespread 2019 vaping panic.

Kid-Friendly Vapes?

Box mods are not a particularly kid-friendly device and retro themed ejuice flavors are marketed to adults not minors. The giveaway is that they recall cereals, candies and cultural references that only make sense if you are at least 30 years old.

And a side note, millennial does not equal minor. The recent drop in smoking rates does not encompass the millennial age cohort, which ranges from ages 25 to 39. Accusing a company of marketing to millennials is accusing them of marketing to adults, many of whom are now middle aged. None of whom are minors.  

When you see a Fruit Loops, Nilla Wafers, Skittles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Scooby Snack themed ejuices being vilified on the nightly news, just remember that these were the joy of your Reagan, Nixon or even Clinton-Era childhood.

The days of sugar coated cereals dominating the breakfast table are LONG past. Hannah Barbara cartoons no longer resonate with today’s youth. Scooby Doo once had cultural currency and their cut-rate animations were viewed as coded references to the 1970s marijuana subculture.

In a press conference covered by CNBC, Senators Romney and Merkley dated themselves, rather than tapping into youth culture, when complaining about vapes named "Scooby Snacks" and "Gummy Bear" flavored vapes. Trade dress concerns aside, what they are describing is nostalgia marketing and adults are the target.

By Romney and Merkley's logic, adult smokers should be denied cigarette alternatives because the name of a 50 year old children's cartoon was used to market a consumable product in a competitive market. It is equivalent to an angry parent in the 1974 decrying the use of Big Band Music and the comedic stylings of W.C. Fields.

As we have learned, marketing on social media can be a dangerous game for vape companies. Even before the current anti-vaping madness, Juul landed in hot water for naming a pod flavor Crème Brulèe, an upscale faux-French dessert that peaked in popularity 20 year ago.

Crème Brulee may have gotten the heat but Juul Mint is the most popular flavor with minors. The dots are there to connect. Underage vaping only started to take off when silent, easily hidden and nearly vaporless devices hit the market.

This level of stealth is much more important to a minor looking to vape than mom’s favorite cartoons, candies and cereals from 1982.

Nicotine Levels

The most popular nicotine level for box mod users are 0.3 and 0.6 percent. Many vape high VG juices that are nicotine free. Note that this nicotine level is eight to almost seventeen times lower than a 5 percent Juul.

Our goal to help smokers switch to vaping, and vapers to quit vaping. We expanded the nic strength options available to users of the popular Juul vape pod system. Today, the most popular Juul compatible Ziip Pod flavors are available in seven nicotine strengths.

Of course, you won’t be able to chuck clouds like a vape mod user. But you will be able to lower your nicotine level and enjoy a rainbow of flavors. Provided the state governments start to smarten up and realize that many adults prefer sweet flavors.  

Strict E-Cig Laws Punish Marginalized

Unfortunately, at this time they appear dead-set on passing strict e-cig bans that punish marginalized groups and reward the tobacco giants. Even San Francisco, a city known for pursuing humane harm reduction policies and championing the LGBTQ+ community has gotten in on the act. When San Francisco punished marginalized residents with virtual e-cig prohibition, they opened Pandora's box. Widespread and ever harsher measures to restrict adult access to vaping products threaten to become the norm.

The fallout from these vape bans is quite easily projected. It is up to us as vapers to make our voices heard and add insert some sanity into a panic that threatens to sweep away vaping freedom for millions.

Smoking or some gold standard of total nicotine abstinence, a puritanical approach which if suggested for any other high risk behavior make you the laughing stock of San Francisco politics, should not be the only options open to vapers. Low and zero nicotine options exist for a reason. And thousands of vapers have already followed the road to zero.