Big Savings on Green Smoke E-Cig Alternatives

Welcome Green Smoke customers!

Attention Green Smoke customers. Altria may be abandoning the classic e-cig market but Vapor4Life is here to stay. Are you looking for an alternative to your Green Smoke or Mark Ten? Look no further. We are offering our Vapor Titan starter kit for $20 with free shipping. For your convenience, we have included a guide to Green Smoke flavors and our flavor equivalents below. Take advantage of this amazing deal by entering the promo code Green20 at checkout. Limit 2 per customer.  We are a US based company that has been making smoking alternatives for a decade. The Vapor Titan has been continually improved and updated during this time but the basic design and experience are unchanged. We want your business and will do our utmost to make sure you are satisfied. Welcome aboard! Check Out the Vapor Titan Starter Kit Here: The $20 Vapor Titan kit includes:
  • 1 Vapor Titan Battery
  • 1 Wall Charger
  • 1 Charging Cable
  • 1 Carrying Carrying
  • 5 Prefilled Cartomizers
You will find that our Wow & Premium eJuice provide the throat hit that you crave. And we have a ton of delicious prefilled cartridges. Fans of classic e-cigs will also love the mighty Vapor Zeus. If you have any questions, our friendly customer service team would be delighted to help you make a smooth transition to our high-quality e-cig products. We offer same day shipping, back our products with an industry leading warranty and our proprietary juices are of superior quality, produced in ISO-9001-2008, GMP labs. Give us a call at 844-827-3454, email us at [email protected], or message us on Facebook. We’ll get back to you within minutes to help you solve any and every problem.

Complete Guide to Green Smoke Flavor Alternatives

Signature Red: Our bold and authentic Congress is a perfect alternative to Green Smoke’s popular Signature Red flavor. If you are looking to fill your own cartomizer, make sure you check out our Congress e-Juice bottles for the powerful Vapor Zeus. Classic: Our crisp and delightful Traditional Tobacco is great choice for fans of Green Smoke’s Classic tobacco. Traditional Tobacco e-Juice is also available for the Vapor Zeus and was formulated by former smokers to replicate the taste of Virginia tobacco. Menthol Ice: Are you looking for a great menthol taste without smoke and ash? Our cool and crisp Traditional Menthol carts deliver big time. Also available in bottles, Traditional Menthol e-juice is one of our most popular flavors. An honorable mention must go to our Peppermint cartridge. Snap it on and don’t look back! Peppermint is our most popular e-juice and widely loved by anyone who loves to vape. Smooth Cream: Cream and vanilla flavors are the foundation of many e-juices. Smooth Cream was the last non-tobacco holdout in Green Smoke’s lineup. We still offer plenty of flavors and our delicious Vanilla is great alternative to smooth cream. Available in both prefilled cartridge and popular Vanilla e-juice form, this is a delightful and relaxing flavor that you can vape all day. Green Smoke Discontinued Flavors Green Smoke axed a number of their flavors over the last couple of years. At Vapor4Life, we still have a full lineup and this includes alternatives to some of Green Smoke’s forgotten favorites. Mocha Mist: If you miss Mocha Mist, check out Café Mocha. It is a fine blend of coffee and bittersweet chocolate. It is just one of our many coffee cartridge flavors. Smooth Chocolate: There is something extremely satisfying about a well-made chocolate e-juice. Our bold, high PG chocolate cartridges are perfect for the ravenous chocoholic and the refined gourmand. Southern Gold: Fans of Green Smoke’s sweeter and smoother tobacco flavor are back in business. Oasis e-cig cartridges are a great replacement and perfect for anyone looking for a soothing blend of Virginia and Turkish tobacco flavors.   We Like Cig-a-Likes The Vapor Titan is the compact and the practical smoking alternative that Green Smoke fans deserve. The Titan has the look, feel and most importantly the taste and throat hit that you demand. It was designed by smokers for smokers. Green Smoke intentionally tweaked aspects of their design so that it would not be compatible with the industry standard but with our starter kit available at only $20 (limit 2 per customer), it is easier than ever to enjoy the Vapor Titan. The Titan has far more flavor and cartridge options than the Green Smoke. Don’t worry. We will be happy to explain the difference, the options may seem endless but what matters is the experience. With the Vapor Titan you can select the resistance of your cartridge depending on your preference for cool clouds or satisfying throat hits. We also are sure that you will love the Vapor Zeus. It is also a compact and classic e-cig design. Our trademark Smileomizer cartomizer makes it a practical cigarette alternative. We are a full-service vape shop and also sell powerful mods, nic salt pods, and an incredible array of e-juices. So please give us a call at 844-827-3454, email us at [email protected], or message us on Facebook. We would love for you to continue your vaping journey with us.