What are Disposable Vapes?

Disposable vapes are the hottest item in vaping. Their popularity is the natural response to a federal ban on prefilled vape pods. Adults still prefer sweeter vape flavors over tobacco, and they naturally will seek their preferred flavor options, although the lack of flavors can potentially funnel ex-smokers back onto combustible cigarettes.


With no prefilled vape pod flavors, the only options are refillable vape pod kits and disposable vapes. Refillable vape pod kits are self-explanatory and come in a wide array of designs. Originally optimized for nic salts, they now run the gamut from the tiny Baton V2  to the powerful Smok RPM80 which can handle any juice you throw at it.


There are a number of states with more severe flavor restrictions, but for those who are free from such restrictions, both disposables and refillable devices are great options. Click here to view state vape bans .


Disposable Vapes


Disposable vapes have less variation than prefilled vape pod kits. New designs are hitting the market but there are two designs that make up the bulk of the available disposable vape devices. There is the classic stick style vape and the disposable mini vape.  


Several outlier designs include the Sea Air, Myle Slim and Posh Plus. Vapor4Life has the widest selection of disposable vapes and they can be viewed here. For a review of every major disposable vape, and comparisons of the best disposable vapes, click here.



Medleys of ice and fruit are particular popular in disposables. There are dozens of Lush Ice and Watermelon Ice flavors on the market, and we compared them all in our showdown: the best lush ice disposable vapes.


Other breakout flavors include Melon, Lychee Ice and Mango. Technologically, there are some differences between the original cig-a-likes and the various disposable designs that currently dominate the market. But the biggest distinction is the use of potent nic salts rather than standard vape juices.


Nic salts have a lower pH than regular nicotine and allow for elevated levels. For more information on the top brands in nic salts, our feature on the best nic salt vape juices will help adult vapers find the perfect Eliquid.



This makes it possible for underpowered, high resistance devices with a small battery to deliver a satisfying vaping experience. The potency of nic salts completely changed the vaping land scape, as large box mods have been supplanted by tiny devices delivering a big nicotine kick. For more information, make sure you read our feature: What is Salt Nic?


Stick Style Disposable Vapes



Stick disposable vapes are the most popular style.  Puff Bar, Zaero, Posh, Cali Bars and dozens of other companies have embraced this time tested design. At about 4 inches in length, with small mouth pieces that measure from negligible to a bit under a half inch, stick style disposables have caught fire in 2020.


Relying on a polyfill soaked in nic salts, stick disposables are not technologically all that different than the first generation of disposable vapes. The difference is their frame has been changed from cig-a-like to a rectangle that more closely resembles a Juul.


The flavor performance of stick disposables is outstanding and the primary reason for their popularity. The original disposables did not have access to potent nic salts and therefore had to rely on high nicotine regular juices.


Not all stick disposables are high nicotine. As shown in our feature on the best Lower Nicotine Disposable Vapes, manufacturers are beginning to offer more options. The most notable is the Zaero Disposable Vape which is available in four nic strengths: 0, 1.8, 3.0 and 5.0 percent.




The Zaero Disposable and the Posh are tops among stick disposables holding 1.8ml of nic salt ejuice. Most stick disposables hold 1.3ml, this still being almost twice the size of a Juul pod. A 280mAh battery is pretty much standard. Puff counts will depend on how you vape. Longer drags equal fewer puffs, short puffs increase the count. Manufacturers have some fairly optimistic assessments but a couple hundred drags appears to be the norm.


Mini Disposable Vapes



For a more comprehensive look at this style of ecig, check out our feature on the best disposable mini vapes. This style of disposable is less than 3 inches and generally holds about 1ml of vape juice, although the Mojo holds 1.2ml. Unlike the polyfill used in the stick disposable, the ejuice in a mini disposable is stored in a closed pod. This means it can be positioned parallel to the battery and this allows for the shorter length.


Mini vapes have a larger integrated mouthpiece than stick style disposables. Close inspection reveals that the actual air intake and autodraw are tiny holes offset on the left side. This makes sense as the battery takes up fully half of a disposable mini vapes width.


Like the stick style disposable, mini disposables have great flavor but a slightly looser draw. With amazing juice companies like Twst Salts and VGod turning out these compact disposables, it is no wonder they are a smash hit.  The Stig Lush Ice helped get disposables on the map and there is plenty of competition among the top tier brands.


Posh Plus



A unique one off design is the Posh Plus. A cylindrical design, the Posh Plus uses a polyfill design that closely resembles the classic eGo cartomizer. This proven method of delivering flavor and mouth to lung performance shines through with every puff.



And you will get a lot more puffs than a standard disposable. The Posh Plus has a husky 460mAh battery and contains 2ml of Eliquid. Available in the unique and delightful flavors that adults prefer, the Posh Plus is a category of one but has a great design that may yet spawn imitators.


Sea Air



The Suorin Air and Suorin Air Plus are extremely popular refillable vape pod kits and owe much of their success to a unique form factor. About the size of a small stack of credit cards, the card vape layout is easy to handle, discrete and a very efficient use of space.


The Sea Air takes full advantage of this wider and shorter footprint. A full analysis is available in our review of the Sea Air versus Sea Stix versus Posh Plus. The upshot is great flavor and a massive 2.6ml ejuice capacity. The 400mAh battery is more than sufficient to drag every last hit out the nic salt saturated polyfill.


Myle Slim


The Myle Mini is a widely available and popular disposable mini vape. Available in the flavors that make up nic salt vaping’s greatest hits, it has proven to be a durable and flavorful design perfect for adult Juul users transitioning to disposables. But the successful Myle Mini faces competition in the form of its stablemate. A comparison of the Myle Slim versus the Myle Mini disposable vape found that the Slim offers a number of key advantages.


With almost every other disposable, there is almost no way to measure your nic salt vape juice level. It is a matter of vaping until it dies. As many disposable vapes use polyfill, there is usually no way to come up with more than an estimate of remaining ejuice.


The Myle Slim addresses this issue head-on with a sleek and high quality design. The Eliquid is stored in a transparent juice reservoir that closely resembles the removable vape pod