This is a guest post written by Michelle, who loves writing, vaping, and testing new products. The topic of this post is not really pet related, although I have been known to write a lot about my 10 month old puppy dog Jackson. This post is more about our personal tastes, our likes and dislikes, and our personal preferences. We are alike, yet at the same time so different in our vaping choices. And, you know what? It's OK! The one thing that is the same among all of us is our love for Vapor4Life. If you are a member of the ECF and frequent the V4L sub forum, you know that there are many cat lovers out there and just as many dog lovers who post. (Not to mention a few squirrel and monkey lovers! Hi Wader! Hi Anita!) Many members' avatars and user names are of cats and dogs. For the most part, we are an animal-loving community. When thinking about my first topic for this blog I thought about the many differences we all have in our personal tastes. Dogs or cats? Cool Carts or WOW Carts? Premium, WOW, WOW VG, or the new USA juice? Manual or automatic batteries? Dripping and spinning or the condom method? Whatever your preference, whatever your tastes, V4L satisfies them all. And, again, if you read the forum, many people are so devoted and sold on this particular flavor, this way of filling cartos or what battery is best, they can even get into a cyber "argument" about it! That's how passionate we are! I began my personal experience with vaping, on April 18 of this year when I ordered the Ultimate Ultimatum Kit. I got all automatic batteries and Premium Vapor King Green Parlament  Cool Cart Cartomizers  in nicotine strength 18 mg. I soon realized that 18 mg was way too strong for me. Eleven  mg  is  a great overall strength for me. I then tried WOW cartos and absolutely loved them. I went through sampler packs, weeded out what I liked and what I didn't. I also tried a drip tip and fell in love. It completely changed the vaping experience for me. I ended up with every color in the book. I ordered a manual battery  €“ thought I'd give it a shot. I thought it would be weird pressing a little button every time I wanted to take a hit. I even posted about my fear of not "doing it right!" But once again I fell in love. Fast forward six months. I now use mostly manual batteries and I prefer WOW cartos  in 11 mg. I have also found I'm not a fruit vaper. I prefer WOW 555, Wowboy  Peppermint, WOW Waffle, and WOW Nuport. My main vape is WOW 555. That original kit served a very important purpose. It got me started. That's why it's called a "starter kit." It enabled me to not pick up a real cigarette in over six months. I have gone through my fair share of flavors. Some I loved, some I didn't. I've given away a ton of stuff to new converts. A word to the new vapers  out there, your tastes and preferences are going to change. Your taste buds wake up. You will go through phases. I am not the same vaper I was six months ago. But one thing remains true, I still prefer dogs over kitties! Connect with Michelle on Twitter @jstacatholicgrl or read her personal blog at