Today an old friend from high school posted about ecigs on her Facebook Wall. Working for Vapor4Life I forget that there's a lot of people who still don't really understand vaping. I was happy to see that one of her friends who vape commented "How fast are they supposed to kill you? I've been using one every day for the past 2 years." Now I'm not blaming my friend for not knowing exactly what ecigs are, or how they work. She doesn't talk about them every day.
My friend's original post"
Apparently my friend had learned this from TV. People trust the media for factual info, and usually don't research a topic after hearing about it in the news. The rest of the comments from this post talked about how antifreeze is not in electronic cigarettes, that it's a misconception. Another vaper commented that they contain propylene glycol which is totally safe, and found in things people use every day. I also commented on her post and let her know that e cigarettes contain four ingredients:  propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, food-grade flavoring, and nicotine (which is optional). I explained that the harmful part of cigarettes is the tobacco leaf, which when burned creates cancer-causing carcinogens. E-cigs don't have any tobacco in them. They have nicotine, which is the addictive, but not harmful part. The battery of an ecig heats up the liquid which produces water vapor that looks a lot like smoke. There is no smoke, no tar, no ash. The name "ecig" is misleading because they're totally different from tobacco cigarettes. Now this is just one small example of how people don't yet understand ecigs. It's important for everyone to take the time to realize that the media sometimes doesn't get their facts straight. Especially when it comes to your health. You must find out the truth for yourself. There are a number of factual resources that have case studies, research, and science to back up the benefits of ecigs. I like to send people to because this organization is all about facts.