If you’re curious about trying to quit smoking and start vaping, your first order of business is to find a vapor cigarette you like and to find the best e-juice for smokers. Not all e-liquids are created equal and many are intended for mod users, so if you’re using a rechargeable e-cigarette, it’s crucial that you find a vape juice or cartridge that’s made with smokers in mind. There are a few important things to look for if you want to find the best e-juice for smokers. Here’s what we recommend considering:   What Does a Vape Flavor Taste Like?   One of the biggest things that smokers look for is an e-liquid that will give them the flavor satisfaction they got from their favorite cigarettes. We get countless phone calls from smokers asking us if we have a flavor that’s similar to their go-to brand. Because of this, many of the signature WOW and Premium e-juice flavors we created are tobacco or menthol flavors.   Tobacco e-juice recreates the full-bodied flavor of smoking your preferred brand of smokes, whether they had a strong Virginia and burley base or a powerful clove essence. At Vapor4Life, we carry a wide range of tobacco e-liquids that are designed to give smokers the rich flavors they desire.   Some of our top-selling tobacco vape flavors include:    
  • The popular Outlaw Blend E-Juice, which gives smokers the pure tobacco taste of a full-flavored cigarette.
  • RY Twist E-Juice adds hints of fruit to give an edge to a traditional tobacco flavor profile.
  What's the Best E-Juice if I Smoke Menthol?    Menthol e-juice is naturally popular among smokers who loved their menthol cigarettes. Get this: our founder was a big fan of menthol smokes before he quit smoking and started vaping. That’s just one reason V4L’s signature e-liquid is the best e-juice for smokers. Our menthol juices are made with a variety of tobacco flavor blends to help you find the flavor that hits the mark for you. We also sell menthol e-juice made by other popular vape companies.  
  • Virginia Menthol E-Juice is perfect if you want a traditional menthol cigarette taste that reminds you of your brand of smokes.
  • Smilin Tobacco Menthol E-Juice has received praise by Spinfuel and Vapor Digest for its powerful menthol tobacco taste. Menthol smokers will feel like they’ve just taken a puff of a cigarette, which is why it’s among the best e-juice for smokers.
  • Former smokers who use vape mods but still want a true tobacco experience love Arctic Tobacco E-Juice. It’s a high-VG blend that combines thick vape clouds with an unmistakable menthol tobacco flavor profile.
  • Rise on Ice E-Liquid is one of our favorite blends from Ruthless E-Juice. This max-VG vape juice softens a strong menthol flavor with the tropical tastes of lychee and mango.
  There are so many e-juices out there. If you’re just getting into vaping, we hope this list of the best e-juice for smokers helps you choose the flavor that’s right for you.   Shop our e-juice flavors and follow us on Facebook for contests, deals and updates.