At Vapor4Life, we’ve been making e-liquid for smokers for 8 years now. Once mods became popular, we made our high-VG Ultimo Vapor E-Juice line. Then, we added even more max-VG vape juices from other top brands in the industry, expanding our inventory to more than 200 different vaping juices. With all that yummy e-liquid to choose from, you might wonder, “What’s the best-selling e-juice at Vapor4Life?” Well, despite the popularity of mods and our massive inventory of high-vg juice, our best-selling e-juice is the same one it’s been since 2008: our signature peppermint vape liquid.   This might be a surprise to lots of vapers. To be honest, it was an Oscar-like upset to me when I learned that peppermint is our best-selling e-juice. Not our high-VG Snowball flavor, not any other brand of peppermint, but our good old-fashioned peppermint e-liquid for smokers.   The History of Our Peppermint E-Juice Legend has it that our founder, Steve Milin (who was a hardcore menthol cigarette smoker) started vaping back in 2007 and didn’t find any menthol e-juice that hit the spot for him. So, he made his own, then he created his own vapor cigarettes, and thus Vapor4Life was born. Peppermint became a quick hit, with Steve delivering it in person to his customers in the area. Now that Vapor4Life has grown so much, it says a lot about this flavor that it is still our best-selling e-juice.   Throat Hit Feels Like Smoking   Many of the e-juices we have for sale are max- or high-VG. Vapor4Life’s original Peppermint E-Juice has a much higher PG level, which smokers prefer. Smokers get a strong throat hit from V4L’s Peppermint e-liquid that helps them recreate the sensation of smoking.   Lots of Nicotine Levels to Choose From   Smokers like the options our peppermint vape juice offers. Just like our other WOW and Premium vape juice that’s made for smokers, peppermint comes in seven different nicotine levels. You can choose the nicotine strength that’s right for you and then taper down to zero if you’d like.   Since peppermint is available in WOW or Premium, you can also customize the amount of vapor, flavor and throat hit you get. Click to learn the difference between WOW and Premium E-Juice.   It Tastes Like a Peppermint Miracle   Our original Peppermint vaping juice is still holding strong as our best-selling e-juice. I vape it on and off when I’m not using my mod because it’s a nice change of pace and it tastes amazing. Here are some quotes from longtime peppermint fans on our site:   I have never tried any other ejuice like this one. “ --Ugne   “This is the flavor that got me off the analogs.” --Lisa   “Once I tried the peppermint, I was hooked. I order in every possible degree of nicotine including 0%, and they're all just terrific.” --Sharon   What do you think of our peppermint e-juice? Let us know in the comments. Vape on!