This is a guest blog post by Via. Did you know that Wednesday, July 24th was National Cousin's Day? No, I didn't either! But, luckily, Vapor4Life had a National Cousin's Day Sale, which reminded me to call my favorite cousin! My Favorite Cousin I began smoking in 1967, and my favorite Cousin, Olivia, was right there with me, every step of the way. At family gatherings, we were always sent out to "the back 40" to indulge in our stinky hobby; and no amount of being banned, no amount of pleading was going to deter us! We were both skinny then because we were busy smoking and not waiting in line for Gramma's freshly churned ice cream and Auntie's peach pie, still warm from the oven! Yum, yum! I discovered Vapor4Life in January, 2011 and ordered my first Vapor4Life Starter Kit on payday. I was so anxious to get it, I even had it shipped overnight! In addition to my Vapor King Starter Kit, I ordered two different boxes of "sampler" cartos; one Menthol, the other Coffee. I also joined the V4L Forum which was of great assistance as I went through the switch to vaping. My Vaping Cousin By March, I knew that I loved vaping, and I talked about it to everyone I knew...including Olivia! I asked her if she wanted to "try" it too and I was so excited when she said "Yes!" So, I ordered myself a new Vapor Titan Starter Kit, gathered the Vapor Kings, a charger, several packs of prefilled cartos in different flavors and a few bottles of juice I thought Olivia might like and mailed it to her. It's really wonderful to have a "Vape Buddy!", and I was so happy when Olivia loved vaping as much as I did! Olivia celebrated her 1 year vaperversary on April 15!   I am so proud of her! Olivia Gets A DAV Poor Olivia lost her job last year, and finances have been tight for her family. To keep her on track, I've been buying her juice, and she has "made do" with my used equipment, and she doesn't mind trying juices that I don't care for. (Proof once again that "taste is subjective"!) Whenever I upgrade my batteries or tanks, I pass the older stuff to her.   But, I was so proud of her getting to one year, and I was so impressed with the performance of the Dial-A-Volt (DAV), I got a brand new DAV for her vaperversary gift. (And she loves it!) I've recently tried the new Smileomizers on the DAV, and found that combination works very well! (The "Large"   fits best!)   and since Olivia's birthday is next month, I'm thinking she might get some new Smileomizers too!   And maybe a new Vapor Zeus for Christmas? What's Next? I'm wondering what new vaping surprises Mr. Milin might have in store for all us vapers between now and Christmas? Be sure to "Like" Vapor4Life on your favorite social networking site: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and don't forget the Forum!   There are lots of ways to find sales and new products! (Do your favorite cousin a favor, and share your V4L passion!)