threading     A common question we get from newbie vapers and longtime e-cig smokers alike is “Is there really a difference between 510 and 808 threading?” If you’re new to vaping, it could sound like a bunch of confusing numbers. The quick explanation is this: 510 batteries are threaded to fit with 510 tanks and cartomizers. 808 batteries are threaded to fit with 808-threaded tanks and carts. That’s the most obvious difference, but as you delve deeper into vape culture, you’ll find that each type of battery threading has its advantages or disadvantages, depending on how you like to vape. Advanced vapers and cloud chasers prefer the versatility of 510 threading, whereas smokers and first time vapers benefit from the simplicity and consistent airflow produced by 808 threading, Let’s take a quick look at some more ways that 510 threading differs from 808 threading.     510 Threading   510 batteries are easy to identify by their recessed female connection that features a wide hole to maximize airflow. 510-threaded batts pair with 510 Smileomizers and cartos that have a male connection.The  510 threading became the industry standard after the E-go mod battery was introduced and became popular worldwide. The E-go was the biggest mod battery, and it came with a button for manual vaping, but it was always at 3.7 volts, so it didn’t perform as well as the 808 initially.   As I mentioned earlier, advanced vapers and cloud chasers opt for 510s because they’re compatible with most tanks, along with cartos, clearomizers, drip tips, Smileomizers. Here are some of the pros and cons.
  • Our 510 batteries are available in variable voltage
  • Produce more vapor
  • Larger clouds
  • Most common threading for mods
  • Female battery makes airflow more restricted
  • E-liquid can leak into the connectors recessed end and potentially damage the battery, so clean connections often. 
808 Threading   When 510 first hit the market, the airflow, wicking and vapor were inconsistent, but vast improvements have been made. The 808 still provides a steadier airflow, and has less risk of leakage because the battery has a male end and pair with female Smileomizers and cartomizers. Vapor4Life founder Steve Milin experimented with hundreds of iterations before he developed 808-threaded Smileomizers with itty bitty airholes on the sides, and ridges to get the airflow just right to appeal to smokers. Why do we offer 808 batteries? We want to make it simpler for smokers who want to find a smoking alternative that’s simple and easy to use with the same form, factor and satisfaction of a combustible cig, but no tar, benzene, or arsenic. Let’s weigh the pros and cons of 808s.  
  • Compatible with cartomizers and Smileomizers
  • Consistent airflow
  • Cigarette-style form and factor
  • Easy to use
  • Twist and go Portable
  • Less likely to leak into battery
  • More solid and longer lasting
    It’s helpful to know the difference between 808 and 510 threading when you’re finding your vape nirvana, or trying to impress your smoker friends. Honestly, I recommend trying both types of setups to see what you like best. Adapters are available to help you easily switch back and forth. We offer both 808 and 510 automatic and variable voltage batteries. As always, feel free to comment here, or message me on Facebook with questions and concerns about V4L products and vaping news! Stay in the loop by joining out email list.