difference-between-wow-and-premium-ejuice Vapor4Life’s flagship e-liquid is still one of our top selling products for former smokers and vapers who use the Vapor Zeus or other traditional e-cigarettes. When you’re browsing our website to buy e-liquid, you’ll notice some flavors are available in “WOW” and others are available in “Premium.” You can buy select e-juice flavors in either WOW or Premium. You may be wondering, “What’s the difference between WOW and Premium E-Juice?” Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Tons of our customers have asked us to explain the difference between WOW and Premium E-Juice, so I’m going to outline the differences so you can make an informed decision and impress all your friends with your newfound vaping knowledge.   Vapor4Life WOW E-Juice   As the name suggests, most e-cigarette users say “wow” when they tried this e-liquid. In fact, that’s why we chose to give it that name! Like our Premium E-Juice, WOW E-Liquid is full of flavor and gives you a throat hit that feels like taking a drag off of a cigarette. Here are a few features of our Premium E-Juice.

  • More vapor
  • Milder throat hit
  • Lighter flavor

  Vapor4Life Premium E-Juice

  • Lighter vapor
  • Stronger throat hit
  • More flavor

  The VG/PG level for both the WOW and Premium E-Juices is 25 VG/75 PG, so they’re a great pick for former smokers who switch to vapor cigarettes or the Vapor Zeus and want an experience that’s similar to smoking. The following flavors are available in both WOW and Premium:

  There you have it! The simple difference between our WOW and Premium E-Juice flavors. Vapers who used mods and prefer a higher VG content can vape on our signature Ultimo Vapor E-Juice or take their pick from one of the other max-VG brands we carry, including Space Jam E-Juice and Beard Vape Co.   Was this article helpful? If you have any other questions, let us know in the comments.   Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @vapor4life_official for all the latest vape news ‘n reviews!