E-cigarettes and vaping history has truly evolved over time. The first e-cigarette prototype was produced by Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist and inventor who was in search of a smoking alternative that would mitigate the use of cigarettes, furthermore preventing cigarette induced diseases, such as cancer and heart disease. The first e cigs for sale were relatively simple mechanisms that offered users a way to consume nicotine without having to light up and inhale smoke. The actual models, too, looked like cigarettes. The difference is that they were electronically powered and produced a vapor rather than smoke. Since then, the best e cigs and vaporizers have truly evolved over time. Rather than simply a cigarette smoking alternative, vaping and e-cigarettes have become a ritualistic hobby that many partake in not only for the nicotine, but for the ritual of vaporizing and, of course, the taste. Since its inception, e-cigarettes have taken off as a vessel for adult users to enjoy a strange and veritable feast of e cig liquid flavors. In the vaping and e-cigarette market, there are currently almost 8,000 flavors available from 466 different brands. These flavors range from anywhere to traditional tobacco flavor, to the strange and disturbing, such as crab and energy drink-flavored. Of the 2.5 million individuals who partake in vaping in the U.S., everyone has their own tastes and preferences. Among e-cig and vaping users, fruit flavors are typically the most popular, followed by tobacco, then dessert flavors. Some of the stranger flavors, such as pumpkin pie and nacho cheese, however, have far less of a following. In a recent Vice article, the publication had staff members sample what they considered some of the most disgusting eliquid flavors on the market to date. This included nacho cheese flavor, or "fauxrito" which many of the staff members felt tasted like straight up vomit. And the flavor craze doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Of the 8,000 currently available, the New York Times estimates that around 250 more flavors enter the market each month. What crazy vapor concoction will they come up with next? Time will only tell. Take a look at the wide variety of Vapor4Life e Liquids here. What's the weirdest e-cigarette or vaping liquid that you've ever tried? Tell us in the comments below!