This is a vaping testimonial by Keelalagirl, who's vapin' happy hangin' with her doggie pack in Ohio. Hello all. I'm Keelalagirl, a name I took on about four years ago after one of my dogs. I am a thirty-something wife and mother who has found a passion for vaping, and a special passion for Vapor4Life. I found V4L in February of this year thanks to the E-Cigarette Forum (and a few very special members there). It was then that my life changed for the better. I ordered a kit and life has not been the same since. I found a home away from home and am now  a part of the great V4L family. I'll tell you about my vaping journey in a later post. For now I'll tell you  a little more about me.  My husband  shares my love for vaping (only not nearly as obsessed as I am). I have an adult step-son who is in the US Air Force. I also have a 14 year-old son who loves my vaping. He loves the smells from all the different flavors. I am also a pet parent to seven dogs, and a cat mommy to four fickle felines. In addition, my home has become the sanctuary for many strays and their young over the past few years. Currently I am caring for three different litters and their mothers (with a few males that come to eat from time to time). I do, believe it or not, enjoy some things not animal related. I love working with wood, from constructing shelves and dressers to wood-turning boxes, vases, and pens. I have made jewelry for about five years now and started sewing crafts about four years ago. In closing, thank you for reading just a little about me. As a guest blogger I am so excited and I look forward to offering anything I can to help this wonderful vaping community. Lastly I want to thank V4L for everything they do, without whom I very probably would still be smoking. Connect with Keelalagirl on ECF or Facebook.