Vapor4Love VDay picWe LOVE vaping here at Vapor4Life! Here are our top 10 reasons: #10) We're saving lots of moolah, to spend on cooler stuff than smokes. #9)  No more dirty looks from non-smokers. #8) No more bad breath. #7)  No more stained fingers. #6)  Our clothes don't smell anymore. #5)  We don't have to stand outside in the middle of winter to enjoy a vape break. #4) I don't fear falling asleep with a cig in my hand. #3)  No more gross ashtrays stinking up the house and car. #2) Vaping makes us feel better, and our lungs aren't being exposed to the over 4,000 chemicals in tobacco cigarettes. #1) We get to help other people feel better too! Why do you love vaping? Any other reasons that you can think of?